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Why To Build A Swimming Pool With Current ?


Our latest pool swimming machine is very popular with many customers, it is suitable for installation in domestic swimming pools, hotel swimming pools, competition swimming pools and training pools. One of our Filipino customers is very satisfied after using the swimming machine for training. Through this article, we share the customer's swimming pool case. The swimming pool is a domestic swimming pool, installed in the garden, the size of the swimming pool is 3m by 4m, the depth of the swimming pool is 1.2m, and a pool swimming machine is installed in this swimming pool.


Why To Build A Swimming Pool With Current ? 1


The client is from the Philippines and has 3 very cute children, the oldest is 12 years old and the youngest is 3 years old. In order to take protective measures for the children, the client and his family have greatly reduced outdoor activities. Planning the garden layout, has started to build a small swimming pool, when he consulted us, his swimming pool has been tiled and reached a completed state. But he is not satisfied with the small swimming pool and wants to add more functions to the small swimming pool. The client is very dissatisfied with his swimming pool. The most important reason is that the swimming pool is too small to achieve the purpose of exercising. The small swimming pool is not useful.


According to pool size and customers’ needs , we offer a swimming pool with current solution to the customer .The swimming machine for training can fully solve limited swimming space .Why can the pool swimming machine solve the problem?The counter current swimming pool– also known as ‘counter current units’ – are widely recommended as a way to boost the health benefits of a pool. By mimicking the currents in natural water, swimmers achieve a more substantial workout. This is ideal for improving cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, and core strength. When the pool is installed swimming machine for training, it will become swimming pool with current and will expand swimming area .



The pool swimming machine is installed in the swimming pool. When the pool is full of water, will the pool swimming machine leak electricity? The customer is worried about whether there will be leakage of electricity. Our swimming machine for training outputs 24V. The 24V is safe current. Our swimming machine for training comes with electric control box and transformer.When the local is 220V or 380V,our swimming machine for training will convert 220V or 380V to 24V safe voltage. At the same time, the material of the pool swimming machine is waterproof, it will not cause any risk of leakage.




The third point that the customer care about is whether the speed of the water coming out of the pool swimming machine will be very strong. The client's children have different levels of familiarity with swimming, and the purpose of swimming is also different. His oldest child has been swimming for 5 years and he wants to improve his swimming skills. The other children are all beginners in swimming. The client himself has frequent shoulder and neck pain due to work. He swims to restore his shoulder and neck and relieve the shoulder and neck pain. Our swimming machine for training can meet all their needs.Degaulle pool swimming machine can be selected according to the swimmer's swimming intensity, swimming purpose, and swimming level.The counter current swimming machine has a total of 36 gears. It can adjust the speed through sports watch and smart controller.


If you are a professional swimmer, you swim to adjust your swimming state and improve your swimming speed, you can choose a professional swimming state (grade 30~36); if you are a swimmer, you swim to exercise your body, you can choose the normal swimming state (grade 25~29); if you are a convalescent, swimming is to restore physical strength and improve immunity, you can choose the swimming state of recovery (grade 21~24); if you are a swimming beginner, you are not familiar with swimming and it takes a while to learn, you can choose the beginner mode (1st gear ~ 20th gear), you can find that you have mastered swimming skills gradually, and you are gradually enjoying swim.



The fourth point that customers care about is the problem of machine noise level.Nothing ruins a swim (or relationships with family and neighbors) like an obnoxiously loud noise ringing in your ears.The swimming pool with current is acceptable. The sound of the largest gear is equal to the sound of a household air conditioner. The customer accepted our pool swimming machine. After using it, the customer and his family are very satisfied with his small swimming pool.If you also need to add a pool swimming machine to your swimming pool, please contact us in time. Degaulle swimming pool with current is suitable for most swimming pools, such as civil pool, Acrylic pool, fiberglass pool, steel pool, re-build pool, new pool, etc.

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