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Pipeless Pool Filter for Swimming Pool -All in One Kit Machine


Now here is a new type of flat-embedded swimming pool pipeless pool filter machine, which is an integrated swimming pool filtration system developed. It can be directly embedded into the pool wall without protruding from the pool wall and the ground. It is very compatible with the surrounding environment of the pool. Save the pool machine room. At the same time, there is no need to inject drugs during operation, which conforms to the concept of environmental protection and health. So, as a new type of wall hung pipeless pool filter water treatment equipment, what are its unique features?


The outstanding features of Degaulle wall hung pipeless swimming pool filter S350:

1.No pool machine room. It is directly embedded in the pool wall, and does not protrude from the pool wall and the ground to be extremely coordinated with the surrounding environment, saving the land and construction costs of the pool machine room.


2.No need to dosing medicine. The pipeless pool filter S350 comes with chlorine dioxide generator (also called salt chlorine machine). It is a healthy and environmentally friendly products. How to disinfect? The added edible salt or industrial salt is electrolyzed by chlorine dioxide to generate chloride ions to achieve the purpose of disinfecting pool water. There is no need to change water throughout the year, and no chemicals, which will not have any impact on human health.


3.No backwashing. Saving water resources. The traditional sand tank filter needs to be backwashed regularly to ensure the filter effect of the sand tank, but this is a big project for non-professional operators, which requires manpower and water. The S350 Pool filter is equipped with two cleaning filter bags, which are used to remove filter dirt, one is prepared and the other is used, and has a service life of more than 2 years.

4.Inverter control, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The two-speed circulating pool water pump with built-in high and low speed adjustment function can adjust the hydraulic power and power consumption. For counter-current swimming training or surfing function, you may wish to use high-speed water power, and to achieve a fine filtering effect, you can use low-speed gear, so that the pump works more quietly.


5. Counter-current circulating swimming pool filtration system, better filtration effect. Interface backwater, two-way water outlet, uniform water outlet, no dead water area. One way is through the turbine to increase the thrust of the nozzle, and the filtered water can reach 10 meters away; the other side of the water outlet can be arranged on the wall and bottom of the pool far away from the equipment to prevent dead water.

6. High-precision filtration. The PP special filter membrane bag with a swimming pool filtration system accuracy of 5 microns is more than ten times larger than the quartz sand filter.

7. Intelligent timing control. We can set the power on and off time we want, and power on and off at multiple times a day, so that the filtering effect is better and the motor life is longer.

8. One machine with multiple functions. The product has its own suction and discharges function interface, so there is no need to re-equipped with suction equipment.

9. Easy to operate. The product is equipped with a pneumatic switch, which is convenient to control the switch machine, and can be easily operated in the product itself, reducing the trouble caused by the operation of the electric box.

10.Beautiful and durable, safe and reliable. The equipment shell of the pool purification integrated machine is made of Korean HLDPE food grade PP material. The mold is formed at one time, and the surface is the same. Compared with acrylic and glass fiber equipment shells, it is environmentally friendly and durable. The high-strength anti-skid tempered glass equipment covers. The pressure is as high as 300KG.

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