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Which Swimming Pool Heater is Better?




The swimming pool heater is used to keep the water temperature of the swimming pool at a constant temperature. This allows the owner of the swimming pool to extend the swimming season by two or even three times with a pool heater with thermostat. However, heating is obviously a behavior that requires energy consumption. Many people advocate environmentally friendly and health, in the design and planning of swimming pools, the pool heat pump is the most critical choice among all kind of above ground swimming pool heater. Why? Let's learn about the swimming pool heat pump and how it works.

In the design and planning of efficient and environmentally friendly swimming pools, swimming pool heat pumps are a very important link. It has certain advantages in energy saving, low carbon, and lower operating costs, above ground swimming pool heaters can be completely recycled in the three seasons of spring, summer, and autumn. The heat from the evaporated water vapor on the surface of the swimming pool is used to supplement the heat energy required by the system for heating. Only in the initial heating or heating in winter does the auxiliary heat source need to be partially supplemented. The swimming pool water heater pump is one of the new, advanced, high energy efficiency hot water heating equipment in the world. The application of a swimming pool heat pump in constant temperature swimming pool water treatment equipment can not only save energy but also run stably throughout the year without being affected by bad weather. At the same time, it has a long life, which reduces maintenance costs and saves costs. With the increase of public swimming pools, community swimming pools, and private swimming pools, people are most seeking a better swimming experience, and the requirements for swimming pool water treatment equipment are also increasing.  Nowadays, many swimming pool need to be considered with a pool heater with thermostat.



Swimming Pool Heat Pump Working Principle


The so-called swimming pool heat pump is a water heat exchanger that uses corrosion-resistant titanium tubes. It uses the same principle as an ordinary heat pump to heat the swimming pool water and maintain a constant temperature. Generally speaking, water pumps send tangible water from low to high, while heat pumps use low-level heat sources that people cannot see to high-level heat sources. According to the first and second laws of thermodynamics, all heat engines work according to a positive cycle, and its effect is to convert heat into mechanical energy; while the effect of the reverse cycle is to consume mechanical energy to force heat to flow from low temperature to high temperature. Refrigerators and heat pumps, they all work on the principle of reverse circulation. The reverse cycle has the characteristic of releasing heat from a low-temperature heat source. When the purpose of the use is to absorb heat from a low-temperature heat source, the system is called a heat pump. In layman's terms, a heat pump is a process in which the working fluid absorbs heat from a low-temperature heat source, and mechanical energy or other energy is added to increase its temperature so that the working fluid releases heat energy in the process of high-temperature constant-pressure condensation. Above ground swimming pool heaters are usually placed in places with a certain amount of space to ensure energy operation.


There are many people who like to swim. In order to provide you with a better swimming place, many swimming pools have very high requirements on the treatment of pool water equipment, and swimming pool heat pumps are used by many people. pool heater with thermostat can make swimming pools better. The water is kept at a constant temperature, which makes people feel more comfortable. The swimming pool heat pump is more energy-efficient and has high efficiency. Therefore, the swimming pool heat pump can also save us a lot of costs.


About Degaulle Swimming Pool Heater Pump


1. Safe and reliable

The heat pump for swimming pools uses the safest heating method that completely separates water and electricity. Electricity is only used for auxiliary driving and does not directly heat the pool water. There is no danger of electric shock in the pool, which greatly improves the safety of swimmers and staff.

2. High efficiency and energy saving

The swimming pool heat pump unit obtains a large amount of free heat from the air, and only a small amount of electric energy is needed to convert it into heat energy to provide hot water. 1 kWh of electricity can produce 5 degrees of heat energy. The energy conversion rate is high, and it directly supplements hot water. , No need to wait, you can enjoy high-quality domestic hot water within 10 seconds of starting up, which is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and greatly saves 30%-50% of operating costs.

3. Anti-corrosion and durable

The heat pump unit dedicated to Degaulle swimming pool adopts a PVC+titanium tube condenser with excellent anti-corrosion performance to ensure that the main parts in contact with the pool water can effectively resist the corrosion of chloride ions in the water and are durable. The outer shell is made of high-quality stainless steel plates with electrostatic spraying technology. The product quality is excellent and the anti-corrosion performance is good. Its service life is more than 10 years, which is much higher than that of other types of water heaters.

4. Intelligent control

The water temperature heating control system can accurately monitor the water temperature of the pool, and intelligently control the operation of the heat pump according to the needs, so that the water temperature of the swimming pool is maintained near the set water temperature to achieve the purpose of a permanent constant temperature. For example, the water temperature you set is 30°C. If it is not reached It will heat up automatically and stop automatically when the water temperature is high.



We hope you find this is useful for you to know pool heat pump more. Look out for other swimming pool equipment to help you to plan for your pool in the coming months.

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