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Swimming pool water treatment is divided into two parts: physical process and chemical process. These two processes are indispensable in the swimming pool water treatment process.

The physical process is that swimming pool water is purified by the filtration of circulating water treatment equipment. The chemical process refers to adding chemical agents to disinfect, flocculate, and remove algae while the pool water is circulating, filter swimming pool, and then make the pool water clean and hygienic through the action of physical processes.


The turbidity of swimming pool water not only affects water quality, but also easily causes health and safety accidents. Reduce the disinfection effect and directly affect the sensory comfort of swimmers. It can be said that in the pool water treatment process, the core of the process is water purification. At present, the filtration systems commonly used in the swimming pool filtration system industry are mainly based on swimming pool sand filter and diatomite pressure filtration, as well as relatively small wall-mounted integrated filters and gravity filters.

4 Ways to Filter Swimming Pool

1.Introduction of Swimming Pool Sand Filter


The swimming pool sand filter generally uses quartz sand as the filter material. The shell of the swimming pool sand filter generally uses high-quality carbon steel lining rubber anti-corrosion stainless steel and reinforced glass fiber materials. It is required to resist the double corrosion of ozone and chloride ions, and the design pressure is 0.6MPa. There is an automatic exhaust valve on the top of the equipment, which is used to expel air sucked in due to careless operation in time. Holes are provided in the middle or top of the tank to facilitate access and replacement or filling of filter materials. The quartz sand filter material should be 0.45-0.8mm refined quartz natural sea sand filter material, and the lower part of the cylinder should be equipped with a support layer of pebbles (particle size 2mm-32mm). In order to achieve the purpose of deep filtration, the effective filter layer thickness should not be less than 700mm, and it must be equipped with a 4-5m water head. The swimming pool sand filter is the most common and traditional swimming pool filter system.

2.Introduction to D.E. Pool Filter Filtration Process


Pressure D.E. Pool Filter can be divided into plate and frame diatomite filters and candle-type diatomite filters. The plate-and-frame diatomaceous earth filter is composed of multiple filter units. Each filter unit is composed of a filter plate, a filter frame, and filter cloth. The filter cloth is sandwiched between the plate frames as an adsorption filter medium.

The shape of the candle-type diatomaceous earth filter is similar to that of a vertical quartz sand pressure filter, and its interior is composed of a candle-shaped filter element, so it is called a candle-type D.E. swimming pool filter system. When filtering, first form a diatomaceous earth pre-coating on the filter candle. When the material passes through the diatomite filter layer attached to the surface of the filter candle column, it intercepts suspended solids and colloidal particles to achieve the purpose of filtration.

3.Introduction of Wall-mounted Integrated Filtration Process


Wall-mounted integrated filters generally use high-quality paper filter elements or PP filter elements as filter media, with built-in circulating water pumps, automatic dosing devices, underwater lights and other equipment. The circulation method is suction circulation, sucked in from the water suction port of the equipment body, and discharged from the water supply port of the equipment body after filtration and purification. Its service scope is only in the limited area around the equipment, there will be dead corners and vortex problems when used, non-mainstream filtration technology, the market utilization rate is low, and it is only suitable for pools with no machine room, small water volume, and few swimming pools, such as villa outdoor pool, private club pool, etc.

4. Introduction to the Process of Gravity Filter

The best application place for gravity filter is to improve the water quality of natural or man-made landscape water body. Its aeration and melting oxygen activate the water body. Sand bed filtration is beneficial to remove organic pollutants and reduce turbidity in this type of water body. It belongs to environmental microorganisms. The water treatment process in the field of science. The water treatment of swimming and recreational water belongs to the medical disinfection process of medical microorganism disinfection and sterilization, and there is an essential difference between the two. Gravity filtration technology was first used in the water treatment of natural or man-made landscape water bodies. In the past ten years, my country’s swimming pools and water parks and other similar entertainment water treatment technologies and equipment have also appeared in the use of a gravity swimming pool filtration system, but this kind of swimming pool filtration system is less used.

The above four common swimming pool filtration processes, each filtration method has its advantages and disadvantages, the method of selecting the filtration process is not static. Even the perfect product cannot achieve the best effect without the correct use method. The usual cycle period is 4-6 hours for swimming pools and no more than 1 hour for bathing in hot springs. Specifically, a reasonable design cycle period is required according to local habits and the flow of people to achieve the target requirements and clean and healthy water quality.

Although swimming is a well-respected health sport, many swimming pools have substandard water quality, which brings many health risks to swimmers. The water quality and sanitation of swimming pools and water treatment technology have attracted more and more attention, and swimming pool equipment manufacturers have begun to realize the importance of swimming pool water treatment equipment.


As we all know, swimming pool water filtration equipment is an important part of swimming pool equipment. Guangzhou Denor Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing a swimming pool owner with a cleaner, safer and healthy swimming environment. With its strong research and manufacturing capabilities of core swimming pool filter system equipment, it delivers high-quality filter swimming pool services, swimming pools and leisure water system solutions. We are a professional swimming pool equipment manufacturer.

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