Install with Degaulle Counter Current Machine, Swimming Endlessly

Install with Degaulle Counter Current Machine, Swimming Endlessly

  • Source: Denor
  • Date: 2020-06-10

Swimming is hot in the summer. If you want to swim, you want to go to the swimming pool. However, some people will worry about the crowds and the water is not clean.

So Is there any other option? Of course yes.

More and more swimming pool companies will research and develop the swimming pool jet to solve this problem. Degaulle pools as one of the professional swimming pool companies carry forward the innovative spirit of innovation. Develop the counter current swimming machine, which is different from the ordinary swimming pool jet. Its principle is also relatively simple: the water in the pool is sucked into the machine to do work and then pushed out, and the swimmer can continue to swim forward in the small pool space by the flow of water. Due to the convenience and features of the function, some people also refer to this device as a "counter current swimming machine" or "pool current generator". If the small pool installed the counter current swimming machine, it can be achieved without going out. By installing the counter current swimming machine, a small swimming pool can achieve the effect of current swimming pools and the swimmer can swim infinitely in the bed-sized swimming pool, which can find the 50-meter standard swimming track at home.


The current swimming pools use the counter current swimming machine to promote the flow of water, and the flow of water can be adjusted freely. The current swimming pools' water flow system includes a laminar flow propulsion device and a water circulation system. The powerful water outlet and super-large return port installed in the lower part of the current swimming pools ensure the normal circulation of the water flow in the entire current swimming pools and make the water flow in the pool smooth and with strength. It seems that when swimming in an infinity pool, you can swim forward in deep water without worrying about encountering any whirlpools or giant waves.




The counter current swimming machine is also called pool current generator. The outlet of the pool current generator is balanced, just like a flowing and calm river. Also, it will be no swimming choking phenomenon when swimming.

There is a powerful Riverflow pump of the pool current generator, which a Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems powered lazy river. This is your one-stop place for all riverflow pumps by Current Systems Technical Information. That means plumbing, electrical, construction layout, and more. The Riverflows pump is a high flow, a low-pressure current generator that fits flush to the pool wall and has a silent operation. There are 12 stalls speed of the pool current generator. The Beginners of swimming can adjust the speed to the minimum flow of 100m3 / h to learn how to swim. The professional swimmer can adjust the speed to the minimum flow of 1200m3 / h to improve the swimming skill and power.




Degaulle pools as the swimming pool companies for 22years.Our philosophy is "water is safer and family members are healthier". Not only can produce counter current swimming machine, but also the endless pool.

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