Guangzhou BABYFISH Heated Parent-Child Swimming Pool Project


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Solution: Guangzhou BABYFISH Heated Parent-Child Swimming Pool Project

Baby Fish, the first swimming club in Guangzhou that combines a children's water park with children's parent-child swimming, aims to provide the baby with the highest quality and safe underwater environment and provide correct swimming instructions. Baby Fish, the perfect introduction to the Australian World Wide Swimming School infant swimming and water early education training course, mainly for infant swimming and water early education courses for children aged 0-6, as well as water play entertainment for children aged 3-10.
This project is divided into two swimming pools: an adult pool with a volume of 118.6*(1.1-1.3)m=142m3; a water park with a volume of 89.3*(0.4-0.6)m=45m3. The swimming pool disinfection system uses copper-silver ion disinfection method. It is the highest-end physical disinfection system at present, without any harmful chemicals, and does not cause any damage to the skin of infants and young children. Equipped with a new type of ultra-chlorine filter, the filtered water is pure and harmless.


Ultra-chlorine filter

Copper and silver ion disinfection

Degaulle Air Source Swim Pool Heat Pump DGL-250C

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