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Choosing Some Accessories For Swimming Pool


The Summer has come. It's widely acknowledged that swimming is the most popular sport in summer. The key to being a satisfied pool owner is making the most of your pool. This can mean different things to different people. For some, it's being able to swim each day and keep fit. For others, it's about inviting friends and family over to use it at every opportunity. After one of our American clients remodeled his old swimming pool, he want to live in the pool every day and enjoy the water to the fullest this summer.Its pool was replaced with new pool heating systems, accessories for the pool and underwater treadmill. These new pool equipment is like giving the pool a new heart and new limbs, giving the whole pool a whole new look.


The old swimming pool size is 8m*4m, and the depth of the swimming pool is 1.4m to 1.8m. The pool consists of an adult pool and a children's pool. The old swimming pool has no heating system, so the swimming pool can only be used for 3 months. At the same time, the swimming area of the adult swimming pool is very small, which causes the customer to have area restrictions for each swim. These shortcomings of the pool make the client and his family very dissatisfied with their pool. In view of these shortcomings of the swimming pool, our swimming pool solution includes pool heating systems, necessary accessories for the pool and underwater treadmill, these swimming pool equipment solve the troubles of customers.


For 7 months of the year, the temperature was very low and the pool water was so cold that the client and his family lost the opportunity to swim.In order to solve this shortcoming of swimming pool, we recommend him to add air source pool heat pump as pool heating systems. Why choose air source pool heat pump as pool heating systems?A quick comparison with the other options immediately shows why a heat pump is the best pool heating systems for your pool.An electric pool heating system is quite simply far too expensive to use.  It uses so much electricity that it can only be considered for whirlpools up to 1500L. An electric system is absolutely unsuitable for a standard pool of approx. 50,000L.The main drawback of gas or fuel oil heating systems is their low efficiency. These heating systems require 5 kW of energy to generate 1 kW of heat, whereas for a heat pump it is just the other way around.Solar systems are also quite popular pool heaters, but then you have to rely solely on the sun. 


Choosing Some Accessories For Swimming Pool 1


However,compared with these heating methods, the advantages of air source pool heat pump are very obvious.First, it saves electricity.Pool heat pumps use small amounts of electricity to compress a refrigerant and rotate a fan. The heat created is essentially free, absorbed from the outside air and transferred into your pool water.Second, it can be used all year round and is not affected by the weather. The swimming space of the adult pool is only 4m * 4m. Very small swimming space caused customers to be dissatisfied. If the pool is enlarged, it will cost a lot of money, time and energy.Our underwater treadmill can really solve this problem. The underwater treadmill only needs to be installed on the pool lip, no need to rebuild the swimming pool, which can save time and money.


The underwater treadmill work by generating a current that mimics that of a river, strong enough to swim against, enabling swimmers to use it in a variety of ways including serious swimming training, improving swimming technique, therapeutic exercise and relaxation or just good fun. The strength of the current is controlled by the pool owner, who can set it to match the needs of swimmers.  Many advocates equip their pool with a underwater treadmill to use smaller pools as a training opportunity.So the underwater treadmill solves the problem of limited swimming space without destroying the original swimming pool.


Choosing Some Accessories For Swimming Pool 2


What is more worth mentioning is that the underwater treadmill has 36 different swimming speeds, which makes the swimming pool even more amazing.If you are a professional swimmer, you swim to adjust your swimming state and improve your swimming speed, you can choose a professional swimming state (grade 30~36); if you are a swimmer, you swim to exercise your body, you can choose the normal swimming state (grade 25~29); if you are a convalescent, swimming is to restore physical strength and improve immunity, you can choose the swimming state of recovery (grade 21~24); if you are a swimming beginner, you are not familiar with swimming and it takes a while to learn, you can choose the beginner mode (1st gear ~ 20th gear), you can find that you have mastered swimming skills gradually, and you are gradually enjoying swim.


The client's pool has been more than 10 years old, in order to rejuvenate the pool, we provide accessories for the pool, such as pool filter , skimmer , water inlet ,water outlet and pool disinfection system. Now swimming pool become great place to invite friends and swimming .It make him happy.If you want to buy accessories for the pool or have any question about pools , kindly contact us and we will offer professional pool solution for you .

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