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Features of Building Steel Structure Swimming Pool


The construction of traditional swimming pools is very complicated, and the investment and construction period cannot be fixed. Faced with various problems, swimming pool operators have to retreat. The construction and construction of early concrete swimming pools were very complicated, requiring many processes such as digging pits, bundling steel frames, civil works, tile waterproof lights, etc. The construction period of concrete swimming pools took 2-3 months, and the long construction period and Unfixed input costs make traditional swimming pools gradually eliminated from the market.


The disassembled steel structure swimming pool is different from the concrete swimming pool. There is no civil engineering in the construction of the disassembled swimming pool. The steel structure swimming pool is made of magnesium-aluminum-zinc steel plate. One-third of the weight of the steel structure, which can be used for indoor or outdoor swimming pools, gyms, hotels, villas or home stays. Structural swimming pools can last up to 20 years.


Features of Building Steel Structure Swimming Pool 1


Features of steel structure swimming pool:

1. The steel structure swimming pool has a light weight;

2. The operation reliability of steel swimming pool is high;

3. The material of the steel structure swimming pool has good vibration resistance (shock) and impact resistance;

4. The steel structure swimming pool can be assembled accurately and quickly;

5. The steel swimming pool is not easy to corrode.

The steel structure swimming pool is made of basic components made of aluminum-magnesium-zinc steel plates. According to the requirements of use and stainless steel above ground pool itself, the swimming pool composed of certain rules is connected by bolts. The principle of the steel swimming pool is to complete the production of all standard parts in batches in the factory, and use the simple assembly method to directly assemble and construct various specifications of swimming pool equipment on site. The stainless steel above ground pool can be quickly installed on most general level sites that meet the requirements according to the needs of users. According to national standards, steel structure swimming pools can provide all the training and competition requirements of conventional swimming venues.


Features of Building Steel Structure Swimming Pool 2


Advantages of steel swimming pool:

1. Short construction period and quick installation

It only takes 30-45 days to build a standard swimming pool with a steel structure integral swimming pool. Due to the prefabricated standard design, it can be installed in a very short time. The construction of steel swimming pool includes equipment installation, film welding, pipeline pre-buried, and pool installation. The construction period of the stainless steel above ground pool is relatively short, including some civil works. Of course, some pools are performed on the roof. Installation does not require digging. For some operators of gyms and water parks, if they want to complete the operation in a short time and put them into normal operation, they have to consider steel structure swimming pools. Components are produced by automated machines according to standards, all components are made according to standards, are not prone to errors, and can be transported directly to the construction site. The installation process does not require the use of large-scale equipment, which significantly reduces the risk of assembly errors on the site, which is very beneficial for just-in-time installation processes.


Features of Building Steel Structure Swimming Pool 3

2. Lighter Weight

The substantial weight of a traditional concrete vessel is just one consideration when designing an elevated pool or spa. The required additional support for a concrete vessel can also have significant impacts on structural costs and head space loss in a new building and can limit the allowable size of a pool or spa in a reconstruction project. stainless steel above ground pool and spas, including the required support structure, weigh just a quarter to a third of a comparable concrete vessel. This weight savings can dramatically reduce structural costs and construction time, frees up valuable head space around or below the pool, and allows for more expansive designs in tight quarters and existing building renovations.


3. Easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Unlike traditional buildings, monolithic pools do not require a clear maintenance schedule. The overall swimming pool is very strong and durable, not prone to dimensional deviation, the structure will not crack or leak, and the waterproof effect of the waterproof decorative system for 15 years will not be affected by the erosive effect of chlorinated pool water.


4. Lifetime Durability

The durability and performance of stainless steel above ground pool is well documented across a wide array of demanding applications. Not only does it look beautiful, but stainless steel is also designed to perform for decades in challenging environmental and operational conditions.


5. low cost

Compared with the civil construction swimming pool, the price of the stainless steel above ground pool is relatively high, but the service life is longer than the civil construction time, so the overall cost of the steel structure swimming pool is lower than that of the civil construction swimming pool. DGL product quality has passed the test, and product technology research and development is also constantly keeping up with the pace of market needs

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