Newly Design Convenient Wall-hang Integrative Pipeless Swimming Pool Filter

With the arrival of summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. It is a good time for swimming. On a leisurely holiday, it is such a pleasant thing to invite three or two friends to take a dip in the swimming pool! But while enjoying, have you ever encountered the phenomenon of red eyes and itchy skin after swimming? At this time, can you think that this is the "small harm" caused by the problem of swimming pool water quality? As we all know, sweat, secretions and excrement of the human body commonly exist in public swimming pools, which will lead to substandard conditions such as urea, bacteria and free residual chlorine in the pool water, which should be the cause of the crux. So good water quality is very important for swimming pools.Next, I will take you to know a new design of a convenient wall-hang integrative pipeless swimming pool filter.



The enclosure of wall-hang integrative pipeless swimming pool filter is made of A grade Polyvinyl plastic injection molded,small shape,humanized design.swimming pool filtration system is equipped with filter,pool ladder,under water light and 11kw constant thermal heater.The wall-mounted filter is specifically designed for villa swimming pool and let you fully enjoy the fun of swimming at four seasons.


Pipeless swimming pool filter price which ditches the traditional sand filter option. The pipe less filter can be used in such a convenience with water circulation filter system and upgraded with disinfection system inside. The wall hung pipeless swimming pool filter,with more newest design for selection. It is most popular and hot selling in 2015 for villa, water park,olympic competition pool,garden,hotel,club. the filter is anti-acid,anti-fading,and easy to clean.Integrated filter installation without room,simple installation,convenient operation,excellent performance, thereby reducing the construction cost.


pipeless swimming pool filter is the most popular filter in marketing.It represents the latest filter technology in the swimming pool industry, which changes the traditional sand filter system, no need the engine room, the pipeline, easy to install, which convenient operation, high filter precision and low overhead charge. This product has a filter, lighting, climb, diving, and other functions, you don't need to install the platform. The ladder, light and disinfection equipment.So,please believe that;It will be the best choice for the swimming pool in office and the villa.


The advantage of swimming pool filtration system

Economical and practical

Pipeless swimming pool filter price no machine room required. It is directly embedded in the pool wall, not protruding from the pool wall and the ground, which is very harmonious with the surrounding environment, saving the land and construction costs of the computer room.


Safety and environmental protection

swimming pool filtration systemno drug administration, healthy and environmentally friendly. Patented product, the product comes with a chlorine dioxide generator (also known as a salt chlorine generator). Just add a certain percentage of table salt or sea salt to the swimming pool, and electrolyze the chlorine dioxide generator to generate chloride ions to disinfect the swimming pool water. There is no need to change the water throughout the year, and it is 100% away from chemicals and has no side effects on the human body.


Intelligent timing control

Swimming pool filtration system can set the on-off time by yourself, and switch on and off at multiple times every day to ensure the filtering effect and prolong the service life of the motor.No need for back washing, saving water. Just clean the filter bag and remove the filter dirt. The product is equipped with two filter bags, one for backup and one for use, with a service life of more than 2 years.



Pipeless swimming pool filter is a wall mounted structure that removes certain impurities from the water at all times. It is known to be compact, easy to install and maintain, and has a long service life. It has a high dirt holding capacity and ensures hassle-free cleaning. It is fully automatic in nature and has high water disinfection efficiency. Filters with fewer pipes, use everything for the pool.


Swimming pool filtration systems use the concept of self-contained units, so underground piping systems, balance tanks and external pumps are not required. This is why our system makes so much sense. First, save water without leaking. No back washing, no waste water treatment, low water consumption; Secondly, there is no pipeline and no computer room is needed, which is conducive to saving construction costs. At the same time, there is no possibility of underground pipeline leakage;


Third, beautiful, durable and high-performance, this multifunctional multi-function filter is equipped with high-speed rail pool lights, Fourth. Save energy and reduce the operating time of the filter unit; no tedious filter cleaning and maintenance; silent operation and very easy maintenance. Pipeless swimming pool filter price turbo massage nozzle, high-quality stainless steel handrail, Fifth,detergent ozone germicidal lamp, the same color as the pool wall, perfect combination with the swimming pool

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