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Why Degualle Endless Swim And Spa Pool With Swimming Machine ?


With the continuous development of the economy, the pace of people's work is getting faster and faster. Due to irregular life, unreasonable diet, lack of exercise, excessive fatigue, psychological imbalance, and various environmental factors, such as air pollution, land and water pollution, food pollution, noise and light pollution, sub-health has become a major problem. More and more people realize the seriousness of the problem, not only did they start paying attention to food health, but also to the necessity of exercising. Among the many types of sports, Swimming is the first choice for people to exercise in summer.


And you may ask WHY SWIMMING ?

Swimming can exercise the body, improve the body's immunity, prevent colds, increase lung capacity, improve circulation, lose weight, shape, etc. At the same time, it can also exercise to protect the joints, reduce the wear and tear of the joints, and treat neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.If you feel that public pools are unsanitary, Our Degaulle Endless swim pool can satisfy your needs,these series pools designed for private villas.




The reason that we choose Degaulle Endless swim pool spa price and endless pool swimming machine are:

A. Endless Pool Swimming Machine Function:

1.This Endless swim pool is a swimming pool that can not swim to the end,because it has counter current machine (endless pool swimming machine),it can meet the needs of professional athletes as well as beginner swimmers,it has 1-9 stall speed by the counter current machine according the user adjustment.


2.At the same time,it is a spa pool,You can do a quiet swimming training alone, and massage to relax after training to eliminate training fatigue. You can also swim alternately as a family, while other people sit in the massage area chatting and resting, and it is fun.


3.Endless swim pool will combined with circulation system,filtration system,UV disinfection and ozone generators as disinfection system,Colorful LED light,huge fountain waterfall,Waterproof FM/MP3/bluetooth system as optional entertainment,Degaulle air source heat pump as constant temperature system.


B. Endless Pool Swimming Machine Installation:




Different from traditional swimming pools,this series of endless swim pool are finished pools,which can be used only connecting to water and electricity,and there are three installation methods,ABOVE GROUND,SEMI GROUND,and IN GROUND.Above ground type is more simple to install as no need to dig the dig equipment,the IN groud type is more tidy because it blends in with his surroundings,and easy access to the pool.Semi ground more clean because the dust is not easy to fall into the swimming pool.


Secondly,Endless swim pool not restricted by venue,it covers an area of less than 20 square meters,you can install it in your back garden or in your sun room.Unlimited swimming experience at home such limited space.We have the model 5meter length,6meter length,and 8meter length,the model can be choose by the space,function and budget.


C. Endless Pool Swimming Machine Maintenance:

Our Endless pool swimming machine is very simple to maintain,is specifically designed for outdoor pools,white acrylic anti-UV not easy to be yellow.After long time use,a ring of grease appears in the cylinder,and you just wipe clean with dish soap and a rag.




SO What will be the factors for the cost of endless pool swimming machine ?




Degaulle Endless swim pool  have colorful fountain waterfall feature and different kinds of optional function.

1. Endless swim pool spa price  depends on the heating system according to the climate factors,such as local minimum winter temperature,indoor or outdoor,and the swimmer is child or the elder because they are more sensitive to water temperature.


2. Endless swim pool spa price  depends on the endless pool swimming machine model.We have 6 models of endless pool swimming machine to choose.

1)DGL-9280 and DGL-9281 swim spa is with swimming jet.

2)DGL-4823 and DGL-5823 endless swim pool is with endless pool swimming

machine which with 9 stalls to adjust the swimming speed that you can find your swimming speed with our home endless pool. And the home endless pool is with swimming and massage area together which you can swim and massage at the same time that will be more suitable for family use.

3)DGL-5800 and DGL-7900 endless swim pool is with endless pool swimming machine which with 9 stalls to adjust the swimming speed that you can find your swimming speed with our home endless pool. And the home endless pool is only with swimming area, that will be more suitable for professional swimmer to use with such as club, gym ect.


3.Endless swim pool spa price depends on the pool configure.Except the basic function,like circulation system,filtration system,there are some optional function,like heating system,insulation system,entertainment system.Meantime swimming system have two methods to be choose,swimming jet and counter current machine.It is can be choose according to the customer’s requirement and budget.


4.Endless swim pool spa price depends on the purchase quantity also,some client buy it as personal use and some client is the dealer to sell it,therefore the price different.


If you want to get it for your family enjoy,please contact with us.By the way, we are recruiting global agents and if you have interest welcome to contact with us,could offer the best quality and price.

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