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How To Choose Equipment For Pool ?


How to choose equipment for pool ?When you build a swimming pool , this is an important question to consider. Installing the best pool equipment will bring peace of mind, knowing your pool will run smoothly and look fantastic season after season. The pool equipment includes pool filter , water pump,heat pump for pool,pool lights ,pool disinfection system and pool cover. In the swimming pool industry, well-known swimming pool equipment suppliers are Jandy,Pentair,Zodiac,Aqua,Emaux,Degaulle and other respected manufacturers. There’s plenty of swimming pool equipment for pool owners to choose from. Some of it is essential, some of it optional, and some is just plain luxury.But this post is only about the swimming pool equipment you need. Nothing more, nothing less.


The pool filter and water pump are essential for your pool.The pool filter is as important to your pool as your brain are to your own body.It purifies each and every drop of water in your swimming pool, removing debris and contaminants, and keeping your water clear and safe to swim in. As you know, there’s more than one type of pool filter to choose from:pipeless pool filters,sand filters, cartridge filters and DE filters.They each have their own strengths, but they all do a great job at keeping your pool clean. You can learn more about different pool filters here.





Selecting different pool filters according to different installation condition.If you don’t have enough space to build machine room,the pipeless pool filter is best choice. The cartridge filters and DE filters require building a machine room.Each type of pool filter uses a different kind of filter media, or filtering material.For pipeless pool filter ,it is Dupont filter bag. For sand filters, it’s pool sand.For cartridge filters, it’s cartridges.And for DE filters, it’s DE grids & powder.Want to know the difference between enjoying your pool whenever you want, and missing out on half the swim season?The heat pump for pool can let you enjoy swimming at four seasons.With a heat pump for pool , rainy days and cloudy skies can’t stop you. That water stays warm regardless.Which means whether it’s a chilly afternoon in Fall, or a scorching weekend in July, you’re swimming at the perfect temperature.


How To Choose Equipment For Pool ? 2


There are plenty of pool heating options to choose from.There are many types of  pool heaters in the market.They are electric pool heating system, gas or fuel oil heating systems, gas or fuel oil heating systems and air source heat pump for pool .They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.But if cost-effective performance is your main concern,  air source pool heat pump could be a great choice. The air source pool heat pump offer low cost monthly heating, and work year round— whether it’s wet and cloudy, or hot and sunny.The Air source Pool heat pumps use small amounts of electricity to compress a refrigerant and rotate a fan. The heat created is essentially free, absorbed from the outside air and transferred into your pool water.The heat pump for pool can save most of electricity. When you choose air source pool heat pump , you need to compare the COP values. COP stands for coefficient of performance and is the ratio of heat provided to the heat used by the unit, i.e. the heat provided for each KW of energy used at a given outdoor temperature. The higher this COP, the higher the efficiency of the heat pump.




If you want to save the trouble of choosing equipment for pool, you can choose ready-to-used pool.The propulsion pool is good choice .The propulsion pool is with  pool filter , water pump,heat pump for pool,pool lights ,pool disinfection system and pool cover. The propulsion pool is with counter current machine .The counter current machine can work by generating a current that mimics that of a river, strong enough to swim against, enabling swimmers to use it in a variety of ways including serious swimming training, improving swimming technique, therapeutic exercise and relaxation or just good fun. The strength of the current is controlled by the pool owner, who can set it to match the needs of swimmers. Many advocates equip their pool with a counter current unit to use smaller pools as a training opportunity .





Most people choose propulsion pool to install in garden, roof, basement.Why ?The propulsion pool have the following significant advantages.

1.The propulsion pool is also great for doing aqua aerobics and hydrotherapy, a proven method of injury recovery. Remedial exercises done in the pool are easy on the joints and muscles, making them perfect for rehabilitation.

2.The propulsion pool will make you enjoy hours of fun with the entire family testing your strength against the current. Young children will enjoy playing against the current while learning to be stronger swimmers.

3.The propulsion pool is a great way to enhance any swimming pool whatever its size and shape.


If you have any questions about replacing or installing any of our equipment for pool , give us a call or email to start a conversation with one of our helpful and knowledgeable pool product experts. 

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