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Will You image To Use Swimming Machine For Training


Nowadays, swimming as the popular trend and more villas owner, engineer, contractor, real estate wanna to look for a little inspiration for their swim workouts. Then what is the the swim workouts they are looking for? There is no doubt that is swimming machine for training.

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DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training which is the new products and posted in 2022. DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training, is an innovative product which solves the problems that swimmers need to turn again and again in small and medium swimming pool, allowing small and medium swimming pools not only a landscape pool, but also a private pool which can fully swimming. Then why DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training become popular?


1. 24V DC Safe Voltage

DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training is with 24V DC safe voltage, which can offer you safe swimming environment for swimmer and worker who maintain the pool.


2. 2*2KW Double Motor

DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training is with 2*2KW double motor, which 430*340mm bigger water outlet, then the water outlet will be more stable and power. And that will be more suitable for swimming.


3. 36 stalls Different Swimming Speed

DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training is with 36 stalls which you can adjust the swimming speed and find a swimming speed that will be suitable for you.


4. Wall-mounted Installation Method

DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training is with the wall-mounted installation method that can suitable for concrete swim pool, acrylic swim pool, PVC swim pool, fiberglass swim pool, stainless steel swim pool ect all kinds swim pools. Also DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training can meet the needs of newly swim pool, building swim pool, already built pool.


5. With Intelligent Controller And Sport Watch

DEGAULLE MIG-25 swimming machine for training is with the intelligent controller with the machine which will be more easy to control the swimming trainer machine, no matter you are professional staff or just the owner of the pool. Also you can add one sport watch to control the our swimming trainer machine, which is waterproof and you can adjust the swimming speed any time when you are into the pool.


Whatever your flavor, stroke, distance—below is the one of my all-time favorite sets and workouts for competitive swimmers with swimming trainer machine. Michael Phelps’ bread and butter event during his reign atop the sport was the 200m butterfly. He qualified for his first Olympic Games in 2000 as a 15-year old in the event, and over the rest of his career went almost undefeated in the event, breaking the world record eight separate times along the way. In training for the event, Phelps and his longtime coach, Bob Bowman, placed a deep emphasis on swimming trainer machine with the best technique possible, which meant training short course and in repetitions that might seem short for an event that is so grueling. “The majority of our endurance butterfly sets were done in a 25-yard swimming trainer machine,” Bowman noted. Also as more and more villa swimming pool is popular since COVID-19, and the villas owner,engineer,contractor,real estate wanna to look for a little inspiration for their swim workouts-swim training machine.


As below is the one of the villa contractor’s experience:

John is the famous villa contractor in Indonesia, who built more than 300+ villas within one year. And he told me that there is the limit space for the swimming pool, and he wanna to find one machine- swim training machine for the villa pools. But he only has limit funds for the swimming pool with swim training machine. DEGAULLE is the one supplier in China who has own factory for swim training machine, and DEGAULLE swim training machine with factory price and the high quality. The important is that we can offer 24 hours online after-sale service for our swim training machine.


And John choose 100 sets+ swim training machine for the 100 sets villas and which villa pools size is around 5*2*1.2m. One villa pool with one set swim training  machine. After building opening, one villa with one swim training machine becomes the highlights for the villa and it attracted many owners. After using with our swim training machine, the owner said “that is quite interesting swimming with the swim training machine which swims in the opposite direction, it is like swimming in a flowing river, i can fully enjoy the fun of swimming and fitness.” Then have you find a little inspiration for your swim workouts yet? If not, then why not to consider our swim training machine?

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