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Taiwan Private Steel Structure Swimming Pool Project


The swimming pool is made of steel structure steel panels, not traditional concrete swimming pool. Compared with traditional concrete swimming pool, it only takes 20 days 。It is equipped with 5 pieces of sand filter and 4 pieces of air source heat pump water heater  and 1 set of drug disinfection system to finish.




It is equipped with 5 pieces of sand filter and 4 pieces of air source heat pump water heater  and 1 set of drug disinfection system. The constant temperature system of the steel structure swimming pool project is Degaulle air source swimming pool heat pump water heater . Degaulle swimming pool heat pump water heater adopts PVC + titanium tube condenser with excellent corrosion resistance, which ensures that the main parts in contact with pool water can effectively resist the erosion of chloride ions in the water and it is durable. The shell of the air source swimming pool heat pump water heater is made of high-quality stainless steel plate by electrostatic spraying process. The product .quality is excellent, and the anti-corrosion performance is good. Its service life can even reach more than ten years, which is far higher than the service life of other types of water heaters. The swimming pool was built to improve swimming skills and open swimming party.




So today please follow the editor to learn more about the heat pumps heating system for pool.

A. THE CLASSIFICATION OF THE heat pump water heater.


Like the AC conditioner,the heat pump for pool have models with heating function,models with cooling function,and models with integrated cooling and heating functions.If you’re just swimming in cooler temperatures,then you can just choose a heat pump for pool with heating.If your country is too hot in summer and too cold in winter,and you want to swim all the season,then you should choose the integrative cooling and function heat pump for pool.


Heat pumps heating system have the model for Normal temperature,Low temperature,and Ultra low temperature,according to the local lowest temperature.For example in North of China,some province the lowest temperature is less than -10degree,we can use the normal temperature the model Heat pumps heating system ,as the normal temperature model Heat pumps heating system temperature range is -15 to 45 degree,and low temperature Heat pumps heating system -20 to 45 degree,Ultra lower temperature Heat pumps heating system -25 to 45 degree.



The heat pump water heater can be divided into the heat pump for pool and heat pump for hot water, according to the max outlet water temperature.Heat pump for pool

Max outlet water is 38degree and heat pump for hot water is 55 degree.



Heat pumps heating system have fixed frequency type and variable frequency type. The effect of fixed frequency is slightly better than that of variable frequency and the heating/cooling is faster.Disadvantages:the area with unstable voltage cannot be used normally,and the service life will be shortened,comfortable.But after-sale is more complicated.




Heat pump water heater Get a lot of free heat from the air, only a small amount of electricity can be converted into 3-4 times the heat energy for providing hot water, high energy conversion rate, short heating time, very environmental protection and energy saving, and greatly save operating costs.

The efficiency and performance of today's air-source heat pumps for pool is a result of technical advances such as the following:


1. Thermostatic expansion valves for more precise control of the refrigerant flow to the indoor coil


2. Variable speed blowers, which are more efficient and can compensate for some of the adverse effects of restricted ducts, dirty filters, and dirty coils


3. Improved coil design


4. Improved electric motor and two-speed compressor designs


5. Copper tubing, grooved inside to increase surface area.




When choosing and installing,we need consider:

1.Select a heat pump for pool with a demand-defrost control. This will minimize the defrost cycles, thereby reducing supplementary and heat pump energy use.


2.Fans and compressors make noise. Locate the outdoor unit away from windows and adjacent buildings, and select a heat pump with a lower outdoor sound rating (decibels). You can also reduce this noise by mounting the unit on a noise-absorbing base.


3.The location of the outdoor unit may affect its efficiency. Outdoor units should be protected from high winds, which can cause defrosting problems. You can strategically place a bush or a fence upwind of the coils to block the unit from high winds.


Degaulle is not only a air source heat pump manufacture, mainly products are Endless swimming pool,counter current machine,integrative pool filter and sauna room.By the way,we have professional team can make the free design drawing when get 50% deposit of the order,give the 1 to 1 customized solution for the swimming pool,and supply the lifetime service after sales online.When you need to make the pool or you want to renew your pool,we are the best choice.


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