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Guangzhou "Kaisa" Tianshu Jet Training Swimming Pools Project


Guangzhou "Kaisa" Tianshu is one of the four projects in Guangzhou (Kaisa City Guangtao Kaisa Tianyu, Kaisa Tianshu and Kaisa No. 1), positioned as a luxury residential community, with the mountain view of Baiyun Mountain to the west and Longan to the east Dong Forest Park, high-rise bungalows and villas will be built. The plot is located on Tongbao Road near Tonghe Road and Guangzhou Avenue North. It is located at the intersection of CBD business district, Guangzhou Avenue North business circle, Baiyun Mountain tourism ecological circle, and Nanhu business resort circle. Development potential. The size of the "Tianshu" high-rise duplex laminar flow thruster swimming pool project of Guangzhou Kaisa is: 2*5*1.5m, the volume is 15m3, and the Degaulle swimming pool swim jet system is used.





1. What is the swimming pool swim jet system ?

2. Why we need the swimming pool swim jet system ?


The swimming pool swim jet system  produces the effect of an aquatic treadmill, using a powerful and adjustable jet of water. It allows you to swim against the flow to improve fitness, eliminates turning at the end of the pool and can turn a small domestic pool into the equivalent of an endless lap pool. Degaulle  swimming pool swim jet system : an innovative approach suitable for all swimming pools,swimming as if you were in a 25-metre pool from the comfort of your own home, in the intimacy of your own pool, is possible. The goal swimming pool with current is to create a high-speed flow rate. Thanks to this innovative approach, the current is stronger and goes further. The swimmer is further away from the machine and can therefore move around much more. The swimming experience is therefore much more natural: "Power over Volume"!  Moreover, it uses 24V human body safety voltage, allowing you to swim freely without any safety hazards.




Different swimming speed for the jet training swimming pools

Different gears can adjust swimming speed,is available for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Not only suitable for children, swimming beginners, but also suitable for professional swimming training,it have 36 speed level can adjust and have the intelligent watch for the control. MIG-25 The wall-mounted counter current swimming machine for the jet training swimming pools is a new generation of swimming machine developed by our company, which can be used in a variety of swimming pools and infinity swimming pools.




Main feature:

1. Easy to install. It is wall-mounted on the pool wall, only 4 fixing screws are needed, and 2 workers can complete the installation in 20 minutes, and there is no need to drain the pool water during installation.

2. Simple operation. The control panel can be connected to the mobile phone for operation. easy and convenient.


3. The water flow is stable and powerful.It adopts dual motor 2.8KW*2,the user have the better swimming experience, jet training swimming pools designed with 36 optional swimming speeds for swimmers to choose. Swimmers can choose different gears according to their own swimming level,it is available for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Not only suitable for children, swimming beginners, but also suitable for professional swimming training.


4.More safety.The water outlet for jet training swimming pools is equipped with a deflector, so the water flow is stable and powerful.


5.Safe to use. The device for jet training swimming pools is equipped with 24V low voltage DC drive, which provides safety guarantee for swimming consumers.


6.Beautiful appearance. The jet training swimming pools uses PE+Stainless steel as the shell, reinforced with glass fiber reinforced plastic inside, and has a beautiful appearance. The material has strong weather resistance when used outdoors.


You may wondering what is the smallest endless pool,The smallest Endless Pool ( jet training swimming pools ) has a swimming area 7 feet wide by 14 feet long and 39 inches deep (the standard depth of a lap pool.) It can be customized to 78 inches deep for standing exercises. The pools can be as large as 10 feet by 20 feet.

And you may ask can i add the counter current machine swimming pool swim jet system  into my existing pool ? Yes,the Model MIG-25 both can installed by the existing pool without destroying the pool wall. A jet training swimming pools  with current solves the problem that small and medium-sized pool owners need to turn around to swim again when the swimming distance is limited, turning the small pool that could only take a bath into a powerful endless pool.


We are looking for agents for this swimming pool swim jet system all over the world,Whether you are already a pool equipment agent or you are the real estate developers,swimming pool project contractor,or you are the trading companies in the swimming pool field,could have the chance to get the best price,we could supply the 12month warranty and online service with 24hours.We have applied for a patent for this technology,and  there are very few manufactures in the world can provide such swimming pool swim jet system.Welcome to contact with us for the good business.

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