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Advantages of Degaulle Swimming Pool Heat Pump


We’ve all read and heard since childhood that life better from simple and sports better from water,and swimming is the best exercise. Ever since childhood I had a deep urge to learn swimming in the way how cool it seemed to me and coming to my 2nd semester in college I underwent a month-long coaching wherein I mastered the freestyle stroke. Ever since then I regularly went swimming as it became one of my passionate hobbies. We’ve all heard of the ‘breath holding capacity’ of a person and have always believed that the ones who hold it longer eventually become better swimmers.


Similarly, in life the longer a person endures hardships coming his way the stronger he eventually becomes and gets ahead of others(That does not mean to become completely stoical). So swimming will benefit us for a lifetime,of course, swimming in a constant temperature pool is more comfortable, not need to consider much about the environment, especially for Children and the elder people. Then today let’s follow the editor for the one type of constant equipment -swimming pool heating pumps. One of the famous brand in China is , DEGAULLE. Degaulle as one of swimming pool heating pumps manufacture in China more than 24 years, owns its engineering team, produces a diversified market and cooperates with multiple departments and teams, our products are hot-selling in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, South Korea, nearly more than 50 countries.


Degaulle swimming pool heating pumps collect heat from air by 20℃ below the refrigerant and compress heat into high temperature and high pressure refrigerant,and then passed through the heat transfer into the need to be heated water or other media,electricity is the transport of porters so that the heat pump efficiency (COP) reaches 400-500%. Compare with 90% of heat from electricity, 60% of  heat from natural gas and fuel, 35% of heat from coal, heat pump are even more energy efficient than solar energy Degaulle swimming pool heat pump have 5/10/15/20/25/30HP to meet the different needs for customer swimming pool. And on the below is the advantage of Degaulle swimming pool heat pump.


1. Save 70% energy

Swimming pool heat pump unit obtains a large amount of free heat from the air, which can be converted into 3-4 times the heat energy for providing hot water with only a small amount of electricity, with high energy conversion rate, short heating time, very environmental protection and energy saving, and greatly saves running cost.


2. Intelligent control

Swimming pool heating pumps water temperature heating control system can accurately detect the water temperature the water temperature of the swimming pool, and intelligently control the operation of the heat pump according to the needs, so as to maintain the water temperature of the swimming pool near the set water temperature and achieve the purpose of lasting constant temperature.


3. Leakage protection

Degaulle swimming pool heat pump with the most safety heating method which the water and electricity is separated completely, the electric is only as an auxiliary drive which do not heating the pool directly, so that is not exist the risk of electric shock in the pool, which improve the safety of swimmers and staff greatly,and it have leakage protection function. Compared with other heating equipment, the swimming pool heat pump  has no danger of dry burning, air leakage, explosion, etc. It is the safest and most reliable hot water supply equipment today. The closed water circulation system avoids the secondary pollution of bacteria and dust during the reheating process while heating.


4. Environmentally friendly

Our Degaulle Swimming pool heating pump unit adopts R410 as the refrigerant,R410A is a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not destroy the ozone layer. When cooling or heating, the working pressure is about 1.6 times that of ordinary R22 air conditioners, and the cooling (warming) efficiency is higher. Improve air conditioning performance without destroying the ozone layer. R410A new refrigerant is composed of two quasi-azeotropic mixtures, mainly composed of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon elements (expressed as hfc), and has the characteristics of stability, non-toxicity and superior performance. At the same time, because it does not contain chlorine, it will not react with ozone, that is, it will not destroy the ozone layer. In addition, air conditioners using new refrigerants will also have a certain improvement in performance. R410A is internationally recognized as the most suitable refrigerant to replace R22, and has been popularized in Europe, America, Japan and other countries.

5. Anti-corrosion durable

Swimming pool heating pumps unit from Degaulle adopts the PVC+Titanium metal tube condenser with excellent anti-conrrosion performance,which ensures that the main components in contact with the pool water can effectively resist the corrosion of Chloride ions in the water and are durable.The shell is made of high-quality stainless steel sheet with electrostatic spraying process,the product quality is excellent,the anti-corrosion performance is good and its service life is more than ten years,which is much higher than the service life of the types of swimming pool heat pump.

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