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Which Kind Of Pool Current Machine Should You Buy ?


Are you looking for a pool current machine? If yes, that you’ve come to the right place. There are many different options on the market, but which pool current machine should you buy? Here we will compare the Fastlane, BaduJet Super-Sport, EVAsteam and DEGAULLE Pool Current Machine to explain what they have in common. Then you can know which pool current machine will be more works well for you.



The Fastlane counter current machine is a fully adjustable, high-quality system for swimming pools. It can be installed in any backyard pool and is perfect for adding a little extra fun to water fitness and therapy sessions. The counter current machine provides a quiet current to assist in stroke practice and cardio training, and it features multiple settings so that swimmers of all levels can benefit from its use. Endless Pools recommends using the Fastlane during water aerobics and water jogging workouts. But the Fastlane counter current machine uses a high-powered hydraulic motor that is completely waterproof, a custom 16-inch propeller, and a revolutionary channeling system.


BaduJet Super-Sport

BaduJet super-sport counter current machine can suction and discharage in one piece. And that counter current machine also with a controller that you can control it. And BaduJet counter current machine is ideal for low-impact exericise, low-impact workouts, and recreational fun in existing pools.



The EVAstream counter current machine turns any swimming pool into a professional training pool, home-fitness and unique aqua attraction. Use your pool for more than just a refreshing dip on hot summer days. Start your working day with an energetic swim workout. Or dive into your pool at night to release the stress of a busy day. Follow the EVAstream swim training program to improve your fitness and stamina, enjoy aquajogging or use the EVAstream in your rehabilitation program. And the kids? They will have loads of fun in the, easy to create, rapid or underwater volcano.


Which Kind Of Pool Current Machine Should You Buy ? 1


DEGAULLE Counter Current Swimming Machine

DEGAULLE is one brand in China, which factory is locates in Baiyun Dis, Guangzhou city, who has more than 25years swimming pool industry experience since 1998. DEGAULLE factory produce swimming pool filter, swimming pool heating system, counter current swimming pool ect.


There are 3 models of counter current swimming machine of DEGAULLE for you to choose with.

Model ONE: HSM-680

The HSM-680 counter current swimming machine is special for ready pool which can wall hung on the pool wall. And there is with 8 stalls to adjust the flow rate which can meet the needs of your daily swimming request.


Model TWO:DN-1700xsa.

DN-1700 counter current swimming machine is with size 1700*1100*1270mm which with filter, water pump, UV disinfection system, counter current machine all in one that one machine can handled one pool’s require. And the DN-1700 counter current swimming pool is with the embedded installation which is fit to the pool wall. The DN-1700 counter current swimming machine is with 12 stalls to adjust the flow rate that can find any needs of yours. Normally, people swim with 4-5 stalls can be enough the daily swimming require.


Model THREE: MIG-25

The MIG-25 pool current machine is a newest products of us which published in 2021. This type update base on the HSM-680 and DN-1700 counter current swimming machine. Then the MIG-25 pool current machine not only suitable for newly pool but also suitable for an ready pool. And that MIG-25 pool current machine is with 36 swimming speeds for you to choose with, which not only suitable for leaning swimmer but also suitable for professional swimmer.


The MIG-25 pool current machine is with the water outlet which size is 430*340mm which outlet water will be more stable and smooth, just like swimming in a river. Also the MIG-25 pool current machine is with the intelligent controller which you can operate it on the top of the machine. Also it is with the the watch as the controller for the machine, which is optional items for the machine. And that watch is waterproof that you can wear that watch when swimming. During swimming, if you wanna to intensify the swimming speed that can adjust it any time as you want. Then from now,do you know which model of pool current machine does your pool’s need? Any question about DEGAULLE pool current machine, please contact us.

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