Heat Pump Heating System To Enjoy Swimming Anytime

Many people like to soak in the swimming pool to escape the heat in the heat of the day. Some swimmers need swimming training throughout the year for swimming competitions. The temperature control of the swimming pool is particularly important. Our love for water is undeniable.Question is, do you have the luxury of using your pool all year round? Well, Many swimming pools use pool heat pump water pump thermostatic units.investing in a pool heat pump water pump is a cost-efficient solution to let you enjoy your pool, any time you desire.



The water temperature of the swimming pool is generally controlled at 28 degrees Celsius. This temperature is not only very beneficial for swimming enthusiasts, but also not easy to catch a cold. However, in venues with relatively poor conditions, most of the swimming pool water temperature cannot be kept constant throughout the day, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, often more than 30 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night. Such a swimming pool will not only affect the mood of consumers when swimming, but also affect the health of consumers.Therefore, heat pump for pool can provide comfortable hot water, as well as a stable and suitable temperature, to ensure the health and comfort of the human body and the safety of the equipment.


Heat pumps heating system is a hot water supply system that uses air, groundwater and surface water as low temperature heat sources, water as heat transfer medium, and uses vapor compression heat pump water pump technology to heat domestic hot water. High-grade energy (such as electric energy), realizes the transfer of heat energy from low temperature to high temperature. In the four seasons of the year, the heat pumps heating system continuously "takes out" the heat from the air, groundwater and surface water, and heats the tap water to a certain temperature and supplies it to users as domestic hot water. The temperature of the outdoor air presents a regular periodic change with great fluctuations with the change of seasons, while the fluctuation of the temperature of the air inside the underground building is relatively small.


The water temperature or soil temperature of groundwater varies with the natural geographical environment, geological conditions and circulation depth. Near the surface is the variable temperature zone, and a certain depth below the variable temperature zone is the constant temperature zone, and the groundwater temperature or soil temperature is not affected by solar radiation. The depth of the constant temperature zone is different in different latitudes, and the water temperature ranges from 10 to 22 °C. As the isothermal zone goes down, the temperature increases with depth, and how much depends on the geothermal warming rate of different regions and different lithologies. Usually a heat pump water pump consumes 1kW of energy, and users can get more than 4kW of heat or cooling.