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The Price of Swimming Pool Water Circulation System And Heating Pumps


Nowadays, many people use swimming for fitness,however the most worrying issue is the swimming pool water quality,and it is also a problem worthy of consideration for swimming pool practitioners. For swimming pools, swimming pool water circulation system is indispensable. Then someone will ask, how much is a set of swimming pool water circulation system?


For the first choice,swimming pool water circulation system is one of the basic swimming pool equipment,which can be divided into traditional machine room sand filter water pump equipment and integrative swimming pool equipment without machine room.In addition to the cost of its own equipment,the traditional sand filter pump equipment in the computer room also includes the cost of purchasing and pre-embedded pipelines,as well as the cost and site of the construction of the computer room.Moreover,the construction process and time-consuming are very long,and it takes a lot of money and time.Generally speaking,traditional machine room sand filter water pump equipment is used in large swimming pools,such as standard pools and water parks.


The integrative swimming pool equipment is cheaper than the traditional machine room sand filter water pump equipment,because it does not require the construction of the machine room and the cost of piping,and the installation is simple,which greatly reduces the construction and time.In addition,the integrative swimming pool circulation and filtration system  is simple to operate,which saves managements costs.It’s filtration accuracy is high,up to 5-15pum,which is now the first choice for many swimming pool water circulation system.Generally used in small and medium swimming pools,such as hotel swimming pools,club swimming pools,private villa swimming pools,real estate garden swimming pools and so on.


On the other hand,if want to swim at any seasons,swimming pool heating pumps is essential,currently has several methods:boiler heating,gas heating,electric heater,solar heating and air source heat pump heating,now the most popular method is air source heat pump.


Swimming pool air source heating pumps selection depends on the installation location lowest temperature in the winter.Swimming pool air source heating pumps selection depends on the environment of pool,indoor or outdoor,because of the speed for heat dissipation.Swimming pool air source heating pumps selection depends on the pool size,depth and water flow.Swimming pool air source heating pumps  selection depends on the quantity of equipment.

In short,specific cases can have different solutions.Please contact with us,Guangzhou Denor Swimming Pool Equipment Co.,ltd for more professional solution and free drawing design of your pools.


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