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The Best Baby Swimming Pool-Endless Pool Swim Spa Machine


Nowadays,many parents will take babies and toddlers to swim. Infants and toddlers swim can exercise their young bodies and help their physical development. However, in recent years, swimming pools for infants and young children have spread all over the streets, and the water quality of many infant swimming pools is substandard and the items used for disinfection are also substandard, and incidents that cause harm to infants and young children are frequently reported in the news.

For non-professional personnel, it is hard to determine whether the water quality meets the standard and what items are used for disinfection. Based on the above aspects,Degaulle pools as one of the professional swimming pool companies carry forward the innovative spirit of innovation. Develop the endless pool swim spa machine, one of the best mini whole set endless pool swim spa machine for family .




Here are some main function of our this endless pool swim spa machine on below:

1.Our endless swimming pool equipment comes with disinfection and filtration functions. The disinfection adopts high-efficiency ultraviolet sterilization and ozone-assisted disinfection, no chlorine and no chemical agents, and no harm to the human body.


2.Our endless swimming pool equipment comes with a constant temperature function to keep the water temperature at a temperature suitable for human swimming. You don’t have to worry about catching a cold while swimming in autumn and winter.


3.Our endless swimming pool equipment comes with the function of laminar flow, which can make the water in the swimming pool flow, just like a flowing river or sea. As long as a person swims against the direction of the water, it can achieve the effect of endless swimming.


4.Our endless swimming pool equipment comes with a spa function, and parents and children can play in the swimming pool at the same time. Children play in the swimming pool. Parents can watch the children while doing the spa in the spa area to avoid accidents. You can also do parent-child interactions with your children.


5.Our endless swimming pool equipment comes with a waterproof FM/MP3/bluetooth system, So, you can enjoy the music and relax yourself when you want to swim.


Degaulle Pool a factory specializing in the production of swimming pool equipment and a company that provides professional advice on swimming pool construction. If you would like additional information for our endless swim spa machine or another pool equipment,don’t hesitate to contact with us. 

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