How To Swim Past The Hot Summer Months ?

Gas pool heater VS swimming pool heating pumps :

We all know that summertime is the best time to take advantage of your pool, but what if you want to swim past the hot summer months ? A pool heating system is critical. Gas pool heater and pool heating pump are two commonly used swimming pool heating methods. Which heating method is suitable for your swimming pool? pool heat pump cost is one of the factors considered.


Gas pool heater is traditional swimming pool heating pump.Gas pool heaters are powered by burning fossil fuels, either propane or natural gas. The heater itself has a combustion chamber, where the fuel burns. The heat it generates is what warms the pool water. It can heat your pool quickly and can be used all year round.




But the gas pool heating system has disadvantages. The fuel it requires will not only increase your utility bills and pool heat pump cost , but it will only be efficient when used for a short period of time. Since the heater burns fuel, it also produces emissions, so it is not environmentally friendly. Now many swimming pools are no longer used the gas pool heat pump as above ground pool heat pump. Swimming pool heating pumps are becoming increasingly popular for pool owners.The swimming pool heating pumps are often used as above ground pool heat pump,underground pool heat pump, hotel pool heat pump, school pool heat pump and etc.They use the ambient air surrounding the unit to heat your pool. The air passes over an evaporator coil, and the heated refrigerant transfers the heat to the water returning back into your pool. This process does not require natural gas or propane resources, which lowers running utility costs drastically. Compared with gas pool heater,if you pay more attention to pool heat pump cost, swimming pool heating pumps are more suitable for you.





Although running costs and pool heat pump cost are low, swimming pool heating pumps do have a slight disadvantage. Since swimming pool heating pumps use the surrounding (ambient) air around the unit, they only work well when temperatures are higher than 0 degrees Celsius. In order to overcome this shortcoming, Degaulle pool company is committed to continuously improving swimming pool heating pumps performance. Therefore we have developed two types of above ground pool heat pump. They are normal temperature heat pumps and low temperature heat pumps.




When temperature is lower than -8 degrees Celsius, please choose a low temperature above ground pool heat pump.When temperature is over than -8 degrees Celsius,please choose a normal temperature above ground pool heat pump.If you want something that will save pool heat pump cost and save money in the long run, the swimming pool heating pumps might be the best option.




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