Private Villa Jet Training Swimming Pool 5823 Project In Lithuania

The private villa jet training swimming pool project is located in the villa garden with the fragrance of birds and flowers, away from the noise of the city, surrounded by trees, nature continuously releases negative ions, and the air is extremely fresh. Swimming in this elegant environment is like doing aerobic exercise in the forest. It can cleanse the body, purify the mind, and relieve stress and fatigue.

The owner of the villa is wise to install Degaulle jet training endless swimming pool DGL-5823 in the outdoor courtyard sun room,which can protect you from the sun and rain in the hot and raining season,meanwhile enjoy the fresh outdoor air.It also protect yourself from the cold wind when you swim in winter. The owner uses natural color wood-plastic panels, dark gray swimming pool safety cover, and sun room with metal and glass framework, which is unified and coordinated,presents a simple and elegant landscape.

This project is equipped with a thermal insulation cover, which can not only reduce the heat loss, but also prevent the water body from being polluted, and prevent children from falling into the water. You may ask why the customer choose this model private villa jet training swimming pool ?




Saving power & water :Degaulle jet training endless swimming pool DGL-5823 is a constant temperature swimming pool, and the constant temperature system is heated by an air source heat pump unit. The air source heat pump unit is more energy-saving, using a small amount of electric energy, which can convert 3-4 heat energy.

It not only saves electricity, but also saves water. Degaulle jet training endless swimming pool DGL-5823 is a private swimming pool, how can we let our users spend huge sums of money to swim every month? The Degaulle jet training endless swimming pool DGL-5823 has its own circulating filtration and disinfection system, and the water can be changed once about 30 days, and the swimming pool basically does not need to be taken care of.




Have counter current machine:Degaulle jet training endless swimming pool DGL-5823 is with a counter current machine,which turns the small swimming pool into a large swimming pool,which allows the water to flow in a directional layer,the 12 grades of counter-current swimming trainer can make the water in the swimming pool flow. As long as people swim against the direction of the water, they can swim continuously without turning their heads. The exercise effect is several times that of an ordinary swimming pool, and professional swimmers will also use this counter current swimming trainer as a daily training. The 12-grade counter current swimming trainer can more accurately find the water speed that suits you.The counter current machine is a multifunctional swimming training unit integrating pool water circulation filtration, disinfection, and counter current swimming training. The engineering volume is very small, and it is the first choice for small swimming pools in families and villas.



Simple operation:Degaulle jet training endless swimming pool DGL-5823,the swimming operation is simplified, the required functions are concentrated on the intelligent control panel, and the operation is performed by clicking and jumping, bidding farewell to the various complicated operations of traditional sports.

Full function:Degaulle jet training endless swimming pool DGL-5823 is an integrated swimming pool with a specification of 5820*2300*1550mm, which integrates paper filter, ultraviolet sterilizer, counter current machine, hydrotherapy SPA, air source heat pump heating system and other functions.It can also accommodate 3 adults for hydrotherapy SPA at the same time. It is a smart jet training endless swimming pool integrating fitness and decompression.It covers an area of only 10 square meters. The pool is small and powerful. It is the best choice for villa swimming pools.



Air source heat pump:The air source heat pump,currently the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly swimming pool constant temperature system, COP is up to 5.2, intelligent and precise control, with automatic defrosting function in winter.

Easily installation:There is no need to install additional swimming pool equipment, and there is no need for a computer room.It has three installation methods: floor-standing, flat-embedded and semi-embedded. This project uses a flat-embedded installation method.Moreover, the location of the swimming pool can be moved at any time, from outdoor to indoor.

Degaulle jet training endless swimming pool equipment has focused on overall swimming pool system solutions for 23 years, creating a well-known brand for overall swimming pools, providing you with one-stop swimming pool design, filtration, disinfection, and sewage suction system solutions, serving more than 150,000 swimming pool projects worldwide! Degualle swimming pool equipment-your intimate procurement consultant throughout the process.

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