Kangheng Sports Steel Structure Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Project


Solution: Kangheng Sports Steel Structure Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Project


The swimming pool main body of Kangheng Sports Swimming Pool adopts the Degaulle Steel Structure Swimming Pool body, while it is constructed of galvanized steel panels. The construction cost is much lower than that of the concrete swimming pool, and the construction period is also shorter. The liner is made of a waterproof Degaulle Vinyl PVC Liner for swimming pool. It has a unique four-layer structure and can be waterproof for up to 15 years.


The swimming pool heating system is 4 sets 25HP Degaulle Air Source Pool Heat Pump and 1 set 10HP Degaulle Heat Pump Unit. Compared with the traditional pool heating method, the operating cost is 65%-80% lower. Much eco-friendly and energy-saving; and the space is small, and the installation is very convenient.


The swimming pool filtration system adopts 3 sets of side-out glass fiber sand filter. The sand filter block is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-deformable, easy to install, convenient for maintenance, and low turbidity of effluent. 2 degrees and so on. Only 3 set China sand filter pool pump can service the pool for a long time.

The sand filter is the most common pool filtration system, as a swimming pool sand filter suppliers, it can meet the vast majority of pool demand. The more detail you can see view this: Sand Pool Filter


We are not only the swimming pool sand filter suppliers, but also a professional Chinese swimming pool equipment company. Most we provide is the swimming pool one-stop solution, which can solve all the problems of the pool, such as the pool construction, pool filtration system, pool heating system, decoration, any other pool accessories and so on. 



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