Huadu Nanhua Square Fitness Club Steel Structure Swimming Pool Project


Project Details

Solution: Huadu Nanhua Square Fitness Club Steel Structure Swimming Pool Project

The Pool size : 17.7*7.9*1.5(Water depth1.4m)=196m³
Return Hours : 6h
Flow Rate : 33m³/h
Steel swimming pool + PVC Waterproof Liner
The main body of the swimming pool adopts the Degaulle steel swimming pool disassembled swimming pool body, while the steel structure disassembled steel swimming pool is constructed of galvanized steel plate coaming. The construction cost is greatly reduced compared with the civil swimming pool, and the construction period is also greatly shortened. The pool liner is made of waterproof material for the Degaulle. It has a unique four-layer structure which can be waterproof for up to 15 years.
The swimming pool water treatment system of the project adopts two Degaulle Top-mount fiberglass sand filters. The sand filter is formed by winding glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed. The feature is lightweight, easy to install and maintain. It is widely used in the swimming pool field, which has different sizes to meet all the kind of filtering demand.
Nowadays, the steel swimming pool is a perfect alternative to traditional swimming pools, it does not only have the feature of low cost, fast construction, simple installation, simple maintenance, but also can suitable for all kinds of space, even the rooftop, and basement. It is really welcomed to contact us directly, our professional engineers and sales are waiting for your consultation.


Steel Swimming Pool

Pool Liner

Top-mount fiberglass sand filters

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