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Install The Endless Pool Swimming Pool For Home


What is an endless pool swimming pool ? An endless pool provides an adjustable current swimming exercise machine for swimmers to swim against. An endless pool swimming pool is a small swimming pool designed to provide aquatic exercise to people with limited available space, and is sometimes referred to as a treadmill for swimmers.You might be surprised to know that it's not just for fun — it can actually be a good workout! From technique work to precise pace training, swimming in an Endless Pool or swim spa can be a great option for swimmers of all levels,in the market famous brand are:Endless pool brand from USA,and Degaulle brand from China.


How much money are Endless pool swimming pool ? For the finished endless pool swimming pool cost can range from $15,000-$40,000 depending on the model you choose and installation costs. Configuration: It's most cost effective to install your Endless Pool above ground, but you can increase the installation costs if you prefer a different setup.And if you have or want to build a concrete pool or a assembled swimming pool ,then install the swimming pool wave machine can be called Endless pool swimming pool also.Actually there are different model in the market also,the embedded and wall hung type,the cost is according to the configuration and quantity also.




Are endless pool swimming pool noisy ? When the swimming exercise machine turn to the max speed,and noisy is less than 80DB when you take the measuring instrument nearest to the swimming pool wave machine ,and the noisy is less than 50DB when you run to the middle speed,actually this swimming pool wave machine have 1-36 speed level can be choose. How fast can you swim in an Endless pool swimming pool ? The swimming exercise machine can go as slow or fast as you want with the tough of a button or with the adjustment by intelligent watch.At top speed 36 level,the equivalent swim would be 125meter per minute,at low speed 20 level,the equivalent swim would be 78meter per minute.The normal adult swimmer can reached at the speed of 20 level,and professional swimmer little higher,and the swimming beginner less speed.So this type swimming exercise machine is suitable for different people,no matter you are swimming beginner or you are the professional swimmer.


Can i install the swimming pool wave machine into my existing pool to be an Endless pool swimming pool? The market have wall hung model and embedded model,if your pool already exist,then wall hung model is suitable,just mounting screws in the pool wall,even no need to drain the pool.It’s very simple to install the swimming exercise machine , just 2peolpe within 20mins will be completed.And the and the pool depth should be more than 1.2m,as the swimming pool wave machine bottom to the water level is 1.1m and need to leave 10cm for install mount screws. Is it safe to turn on the swimming pool wave machine when we use the Endless pool swimming pool? This model MIG-25 swimming exercise machine  come with transformer with 24V DC voltage when you swimming.And we did the voltage test by very small fish,when the 24V current passes through to the fish tank,they all are safe only swimming speed little down.And the equipment shell is formed by opening the mold,there is no splicing gap and water cannot come inside will be more safe.


How long time to delivery for the swimming exercise machine and the Endless pool swimming pool ? For the Endless pool swimming pool,the normal production time is 30-45days,because the production line is produced according to different models according to the mold,If there is a swimming pool of the same model, the production and delivery will be faster, otherwise it will start production after the production of that model is finished.And for the swimming pool wave machine normally we have stock ,could delivery the goods with in one week,and if bulk order,20-30days is ok,the production time is much shorter than Endless Pool Brand machine from USA.That’s why more and more clients from American choose our brand,because it’s more faster and cheaper,compared to Endless pool brand,but features and performance are same.We get good feedback and reputation after they tested and used it.


If you are interested in this series of products for the swimming pool,you can always trust Degaulle brand,which have more than 24years of R & D production in China,has a number of patents,and it’s the swimming pool expert,there is always a solution for you and your swimming pool.This product is recruiting global agents,and if you have the interest in it,please don’t miss this chance.For the details can search from official website www.degaullepool.com,24hours service are online.

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