Counter Current Swimming Pool Machine Exercises

Counter current swimming pool often referred to as a swimmer's treadmill, provides all the benefits of a full sized swimming pool in a fraction of the space is a counter-current swimming pool. It works as a normal swimming pool & like a swimming machine for exercises. counter current swimming pool can be applied into projects in different shapes and dimensions, such as newly-built villa pools, reconstruction of community pools or old pools, natatorium and swimming suitable for every swimmer, may he be a child, young or an elderly person , fits everybody’s swimming ability and fitness needs. It is like a Swimming Treadmill - It features a smooth, adjustable current that allows you to swim in the same place just as a running treadmill allows you to run. It can be installed indoor or outdoor swimming pool, empowers you to swim in the convenience of your own home and save valuable time commuting to the club or gym.



Counter current swimming pool produces the effect of an aquatic treadmill, using a powerful and adjustable jet of water. It allows you to swim against the flow to improve fitness, eliminates turning at the end of the pool and can turn a small domestic pool into the equivalent of an endless lap pool. In counter current swimming pool, it is possible to generate exact flow velocities and make conditions completely repeatable and reproducible.comparable to a treadmill, the athlete is given a uniform speed. This allows, on the one hand, precise control of the swimming speed, but forces the athlete on a given speed. The counter current swimming pool is a swimming machine with which you can transform even the smallest swimming pool into a fully-fledged training facility. Super powerful, very stable and energy efficient too. Swimming pool with current even competitive swimmers can follow a challenging swim workout, right in their own pool. And with that, the pool in your garden suddenly becomes a fitness room, which can be used for exercise and relaxation! Because just calmly “swimming laps” is of course also possible.




Have a traditional pool already? No problem! The counter current machine is suitable for large or small swimming pools. The counter current machine is suitable for swimming pools . The counter current machine can also be easily retrofitted in existing swimming pools.The swimming pool with current model easily attaches to almost any existing inground or above ground pool deck. With fast installation, you can reinvigorate your backyard pool in just a few hours!The counter current swimming pool can be installed in virtually any in-ground concrete, gunite, masonry, vinyl-lined, or fiberglass pool, and in many above-ground pools as well. The Wall-Mount counter current swimming pool can be integrated into new pools for a seamless appearance. Flow intensity can be individually regulated,The flow rate of the turbine swimming systems can be easily adjusted by piezo button,



The counter current machine is favored by recreational swimmers. To maintain fitness, for aqua jogging or for use in rehabilitation. Experienced swimmers and athletes choose the counter current machine, because of its extra powerful current. The swimming pool with current offers the maximum swimming experience. Not only is this the most powerful counter current machine, but with the double motor, the counter current machine also offers the largest swim zone. This makes the counter current machine suitable even for small swimming pools. Owners of these small or medium sized swimming pools usually have trouble in enjoying swimming as they need to turn constantly when the swimming range is limited. As an innovative product for improving swimming experience, counter current machine perfectly solves this problem and brings you a real villa's pool for swimming. Swimming pool with current comes with an adjustable and powerful laminar flow propeller and a control system, which enables static water to flow directionally. When the swimmer swims against the directional flows, he will have the same caused by the pool's dimension and enjoy the benefit of fitness as well as the fun of swimming freely.

The counter current swimming pool machine features

1. Use the patented laminar flow propeller to impulse eater to produce a circulation flow.

2. Powerful water flow.0

3. Smooth water surface.

4. Can be applied into projects like new-built small/medium sized swimming pools and reconstruction of old pools.

5. Adjustable flow rate according to different swimmers, feel like swimming in a real river.

6. Total 36 flow rates for option on the Speed Controller.

Degaulle counter current swimming pool for all levels, from toddlers to competitive adults. At top speed, the swimming pool with current is powerful enough for a pool-wide 'lazy river.Invigorate your backyard pool with counter current machine signature current.Transform your traditional pool with the counter current swimming pool. It delivers a fully adjustable current for swimming, fun, and fitness.

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