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Swimming Pool Swim Jet System Introductions


Swim jets are a great option for folks who want to workout in their pool, but don’t necessarily have the right layout or available space to put in a full lap pool.In this article, we'll take a deep dive into what a swim jet system is, what it does, and how to choose one.


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What Is Swimming Pool Swim Jet System ?

Also known as "endless pools" or called "Jet swimming pools", a swimming pool swim jet system is an accessory that you can install in your pool that pushes a constant current of water across your pool, allowing you to get a swim workout in without needing all the space. Basically, it’s the pool equivalent of a treadmill.


What Is Working Principle ?

The swimming pool swim jet system creates constant water resistance in one direction. When you swim, this current pushes your body and keeps you in a fixed position, like doing a few laps in a swimming pool or lap pool. The larger rectangular pool area provides plenty of room for the kicking and arm movements required for freestyle, butterfly and even breaststroke.


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How To Choose A Jet Training Swimming Pool ?

When choosing a swim jet system, there are a few considerations before installing it in a pool: The state of the pool-The Degaulle swimming pool swim jet system comes in three different models. Please choose a different swimming pool swim jet system according to whether your swimming pool is built or not.

Power-It has a total of 36 different gears. You can choose a suitable swimming speed according to your swimming state and swimming purpose.

The speed -It has a total of 36 different gears. You can choose a suitable swimming speed according to your swimming state and swimming purpose.

The Noise-The swimming pool swim jet system have noise levels, so we recommend doing research and asking which brands provide low-noise equipment. Remember, nothing ruins a swim (or relationships with family and neighbors) like an obnoxiously loud noise ringing in your ears.When Degaulle Jet swimming pools start up, it's as noisy as an air conditioner.

Bubble-Free Swim Jets — ensure that when purchasing a system, do not add bubbles to the stream. That means that the jet is only pushing air and not water. It sucks energy consumption, creates a more inefficient workout, and makes it challenging to see.


  • We all want to have our resort at home, and adding a swimming pool swim jet system has many advantages.
  • Jet training swimming pool can create an exciting water park in your backyard.
  • Are you a Boogie Board surfer? You will have hours of fun using it with the jet training swimming pool.   
  • Are you planning to build a lazy river pool in your backyard? The pool jet helps create a lazy river effect or choppy water effect.
  • Jet training swimming pool has adjustable jets to provide a mild to vigorous workout with endless swimming.
  • jet training swimming pool is the treadmill for swimming pools, great for walking in place with no stress on joints or bones.


There are many benefits of installing swimming pool swim jet system, with perhaps the foremost relating to health and fitness. The majority of swimming pools will allow for about 6 strokes before having to turn around, whereas swim jets allow a continuous swimming experience, just like being in open water. With a jet swimming pools, you can have a great, efficient workout in your own pool.


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Jet swimming pools are also great for doing aqua aerobics and hydrotherapy, a proven method of injury recovery. Remedial exercises done in the pool are easy on the joints and muscles, making them perfect for rehabilitation. Other fitness uses include triathlon training and they can also be combined with underwater treadmills for a complete pool workout ! Jet swimming pools aren’t just for fitness, they’re great for fun and relaxation. You can create a river or even a choppy water effect, adding a whole new dimension of fun to your pool and great for children. Compared to most Jet swimming pools, the Degaulle Jet swimming pools have its own unique characteristics.


Degaulle jet swimming pools can be selected according to the swimmer's swimming intensity, swimming purpose, and swimming level. The counter current swimming machine has a total of 36 gears. It can adjust the speed through sports watch and smart controller. If you are a professional swimmer, you swim to adjust your swimming state and improve your swimming speed, you can choose a professional swimming state (grade 30~36); if you are a swimmer, you swim to exercise your body, you can choose the normal swimming state (grade 25~29); if you are a convalescent, swimming is to restore physical strength and improve immunity, you can choose the swimming state of recovery (grade 21~24); if you are a swimming beginner, you are not familiar with swimming and it takes a while to learn, you can choose the beginner mode (1st gear ~ 20th gear), you can find that you have mastered swimming skills gradually, and you are gradually enjoying swim.

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