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What Is A Counter Current Swimming Pool ?


Most enthusiastic swimmers have dream of owning their own counter current swimming pool at some point in their life. What could be better than stepping out into your backyard and hopping straight into your own counter current swimming pool? No need to drive to the local recreation centre or worry about coordinating the entire family’s schedule. But maybe your finances aren’t quite able to match the cost of a full-sized swimming pool. Or maybe there’s not enough room to install one in your house or backyard. This is where an exercise pool can make a great alternative. Cheaper and smaller than a full-sized or lap pool but still able to provide you with exercise and relaxation, an counter current swimming pool could make a great addition to your family. Wondering what is a counter current swimming pool? Read more to find out.


Counter current pool creates current-caused resistance which allows stationary swimming. They combine the benefits of a lap pool with the hydrotherapy of a swim spa. Basically, an counter current pool is a complete home wellness retreat incorporated with an innovative yet effective ‘Swim-In-Place’ technology. And these counter current swimming pool is smaller than full-sized swimming pools and even lap pools. But they still allow you to practice your swimming stroke because they generate a strong current which allows you to swim in place. Think of it similar to a treadmill but based in the water. Because of the pool current generator, you’re not actually moving forward when swimming, so you never reach the end and you never have to turn around and swim to the other side. This allows the counter current swimming pool to be much smaller than regular-sized pools while still allowing you to swim as fast as you like.


Why many people choose the pool current generator?

With a continuous access to swimming, counter current pool help you meet your wellness goals. After a full-day work, swim with pool current generator, our pool current generator is any alternative to a traditional swimming pool in terms of imitating the swimming minus the stress, workout or relaxing feel, swim spa has to be it. For someone just recovering from an injury this counter current pool is a huge blessing. The outlet of our pool current generator is smooth and this technique has been proven to alleviate anxiety, stress and pain.  Athletes wanting to get in the best shape of their life cannot get a better opportunity to train better and swim continuously whenever they want from the privacy of their own backyard. And there are many stalls for you to choose with, then you can challenge yourself.


Then how do you choose a counter current swimming pool?

Firstly, “Make it simple” is the first principle for us to choose a counter current pool. Our MIG-25 pool current generator is with the wall hung installation design that can install with any type pools. Also due to the wall hung installation method for the pool current generator that just need two screws that can install with. Secondly, the main things to look for when buying a counter current pool is one that has an easily adjusted current that’s forceful enough to support the strongest swimmer. You also want the current to be smooth and as wide and deep as possible. For our MIG-25 pool current generator is with 36 stalls to adjust the swimming speed. You can adjust the swimming speed with our own control panel or sport watch.


Can i turn my deserted pool into a counter current swimming pool?

There are many pools with villa and they are may deserted for many years, then some villa owners ask is that their old pool can turn into a counter current pool or not?My answer is YES. Then why a deserted pool can turn into a counter current pool?And how to do it? First you need to refurbish the pool and check is the pool body, waterproof system, filter and water pump, pipes,cable ect of the pool can work or not? If all can work, then you just need to add one set pool current generator and wall hung on the pool wall, that your deserted pool turn into a counter current swimming pool.


To really know if a certain counter current swimming pool is right for you it’s best to see it and try it out in person. Most factory will be happy to let you test out a counter current swimming pool if you’re serious about buying one. It’s a big investment, so you want to make sure it meets your needs or not. To learn more about counter current swimming pool and pool current generator, contact DEGAULLE please.


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