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How do you build a sustainable pool?


Sustainable swimming pools can be defined as the use of the least resources (water, energy and chemical consumption) to meet the water quality requirements of the swimming pool and realize its usability, so as to be safe, sanitary, economical, scientific and reliable, and to produce more environmental impact Less impact. It has a good return and feasibility in the initial investment, use and maintenance.
We summarized decades of swimming pool technology experience and innovative solutions, inspected the status quo and the latest technology of swimming pools around the world, and came up with a 10-step method to achieve a sustainable swimming pool, which can save up to 70% of the water source and energy.
The first thing we need to do is to improve the public's awareness of the concept and technology of sustainable swimming pools, and to create a new technology that respects the environment, respects resources, and saves water and energy in terms of swimming pool engineering.
1. Install the pool cover. In the swimming pool, due to the evaporation of the surface of the pool water, air convection and other factors will cause a large amount of water evaporation and heat consumption. By installing the swimming pool cover, not only the water consumption of the swimming pool can be reduced by 10-30%, but the energy consumption of heating the pool water is also greatly reduced. Another benefit of installing a pool cover, especially for outdoor swimming pools, can also prevent dust, particles, leaves and other pollutants from falling into it. In addition, installing a pool cover in a swimming pool is a necessary safety measure and an effective method to prevent pollution, evaporation of water heat and convection.
2. Using LED lighting, it can save energy by 80%, and has many advantages such as longer service life and better performance (color, color change sequence, etc.). LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) is a semiconductor that can convert electrical energy into visible light. It changes the principle of tungsten filament light emission of incandescent lamps and three-primary color powder light emission of energy-saving lamps, and electroluminescence is adopted. According to the analysis, the characteristics of LED are very obvious, long life, high light efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption. The spectrum of LEDs is almost entirely concentrated in the visible light band, and its luminous efficiency is the highest. When reaching the same brightness as traditional bulbs, the electricity consumption is only 6% of that of traditional bulbs.
3. Treat pool water throughout the year (even in winter). Once the pool is full, it should be maintained throughout the year without being emptied. This saves water resources and avoids structural problems and water leakage. In the spring, the swimming pool can be ready to enter the working state, saving water and swimming pool chemicals.
4. Use an automatic pool bottom cleaner, which makes it easier to clean the pool inside the pool and reduces the maintenance work required. This also saves about 20% of the amount of water required in the filter backwash process.
5. The air dehumidification heat pump realizes heat recovery and condensate recovery while dehumidifying the space of the swimming venue. The working principle of Degaulle swimming pool dehumidification heat pump is to recover and reuse the heat and moisture evaporated from the surface of the pool while dehumidifying. First, the warm and humid air flows through the evaporator. After freezing and cooling, the warm water vapor is condensed into cold water and separated from the air, thereby generating dry and cold air, which realizes the function of air dehumidification; in air cooling and water vapor condensation cooling The heat energy released in the process is absorbed by the refrigerant, and becomes a high-temperature refrigerant through the compressor. The heat is transferred to the dry and cold air and pool water through heat exchange to realize the heating function of air and pool water. If in summer, the heat absorbed in the refrigerant from the evaporator is discharged to the outside through the outdoor condenser, and the dry and cold air is directly sent back to the swimming pool, which will achieve the air conditioning cooling in hot days.
6. Automated disinfection optimizes the effectiveness of disinfectants. The swimming pool online water quality monitoring system (such as Degaulle automatic water quality monitor) monitors the water quality of the swimming pool in real time, and automatically puts chemical agents, because it accurately puts the disinfectant in the required quantity, avoiding labor The fluctuating increase and decrease of chemicals when putting in chemicals improves the quality of water and air.
The salt and chlorine disinfection system is used for swimming pool disinfection and is based on two basic substances: salt and water. By diluting a small amount of salt into the water, when the salty pool water passes through the electrode, it turns into an active disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite), which can destroy algae, bacteria and fungi. As a result, savings are achieved in the consumption of chlorine, its application is extremely convenient, and the production of disinfectants on site has the following added value: it does not require the purchase, transportation and storage of chemical disinfectants.
7. Minimize the energy cost of the swimming pool circulating water pump. Installing a Degaulle multi-speed water pump can make it work at a speed suitable for the real needs of the swimming pool, saving 65%. In addition, it is quieter and has a longer life. In California, the use of this type of pump is mandatory.
8. Reduce the work load of the pool filter, install Degaulle sewage pump to remove the solid debris in the pool water, which is very common in many countries. Because the pre-filter retains most of the impurities before the filter, so that it will not enter the filter. Correspondingly, the period when the filter gets dirty is prolonged, so there is no need for frequent backwashing, which makes 50% water saving possible.

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