The Newest Filter Equipment —Integrative Swimming Pool Filter

The Newest Filter Equipment —Integrative Swimming Pool Filter

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  • Date: 2020-05-18


What is the integrative swimming pool filter?

It is a pool filter that integrates water circulation and water filtration. In addition to designing a high-precision filtration system, the integrative swimming pool filter is equipped with the complete pool water treatment system. It is also equipped with supporting equipment such as underwater pool lights, torrent massage nozzles, stainless steel handrails, filtered water pumps, filter bags, ozone systems, disinfection systems, which achieve the effect of multiple uses.

How does it work?

The integrative swimming pool filter generates vacuum negative pressure through the operation of the motor and the pump, and sucks the unfiltered water in the swimming pool from the water inlet to the filter (water in the interface, which can deal with the suspended matter on the surface of the water), after filtering, then passes the water outlet returns to the swimming pool, and the water in the entire swimming pool forms a large clockwise complete cycle. The cycle is completed in the swimming pool water body with little energy loss. The equipment adopts advanced simple cleaning and convenient operation to save water resources.



Two Types of Integrative Swimming Pool Filters

There are two types of integrative swimming pool filters. One is the wall hanging swimming pool filter and another is the underground swimming pool filter. Neither of them needs a machine room. They do not require a traditional reinforced concrete structure, which not only saves the occupation of the machine room but also saves the cost of civil engineering and the design of the computer room.
So What is different? Firstly, they are different in the installation methods. The wall hanging swimming pool filter can wall mounted on the poolside and the underground swimming pool filter is installed underground around the pool. Secondly, they are different in the filtration media. The media of wall hanging swimming pool filter is the DuPont filter bags and the media of the underground swimming pool filter is the sand filter.



Pipeless Pool Filter

The integrative swimming pool filter is also called the pipeless swimming pool filter. Because the integrated swimming pool filtration equipment can perform complete circulation directly and no pre-embedded pipes are needed for water circulation, which avoids damage to the structure of the pool body and complicated water supply and drainage pipes can be saved.  No need to install external pipelines, to avoid the sinking and deformation of the pool body for a long time, causing the pipeline to break; thereby reducing construction costs. At the same time, the pipeless swimming pool filter complies with the national swimming pool regulations and standards.
More and more people will choose the pipeless swimming pool filter instead of the traditional sand filter. It is suitable for small swimming pools, villa swimming pools, private swimming pools.


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