S350/DF10 Integrative Pool Filter System Pool Project In Zhongshan

The Licheng Leyi Villa private villa integrative pool filter system pool project is located in Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, which is rich and prosperous, it covers a total area of 430,000 square meters. Well-planned all low-density, north-south orientation, household ventilation, lighting to the sun, European landscape garden, humanized design. Away from the hustle and bustle, but one step away from the prosperity. 1+1 supermarket, Xuri Park, Dongsheng Senior High School, Huijing Hotel, Belvedere School and other living facilities are within easy reach. It is located in the center between Xiaolan Town and Shiqi, only 15 minutes' drive from Xiaolan and Shiqi. With a unique geographical location, beautiful environment and convenient transportation, it is an ideal residence for white-collar elites.



In the Zhongshan Licheng Leyi Villa private villa integrative pool filter system pool project , the ingenious owner used a machine room-less integrated swimming pool filter system, which is divided into adult pools and children's pools. The adult pool uses 4 sets of Deguelle S350 this pipeless pool filter types pool equipment; the children's pool uses 2 sets of Deguelle DF-10 this pipeless pool filter types pool equipment. You may ask why the customer choose these two piepeless pool filter types instead of traditional sand filter with water pump for this pool project?




1. Compare with traditional sand filter with water pump this pool filter types, our integrative pipeless pool filtration system no need machine room,and it can install in the pool wall directly,which is not protruding and coordinated with the surrounding environment.Then can save the land and the cost of building machine room.


2. Compare with traditional sand filter with water pump this pool filter types, our integrative pipeless pool filtration system no need person to maintain the machine,for traditional project you will need to change the sand from sand filter once every six months.And for our integrative pipeless pool filtration system,you just need to clean the filter bag and remove the dirty of filter is ok,we will equip with two filter bags,one for spare,and can use more than two years.It can save a large maintain fee for you.


3. More safety and more user-friendly:for our integrative pipeless pool filtration system, it equip with pool filtration system,under water light and stainless steel ladder,not need to install this pool accessories additional.Besides,for our S350 pool filter system comes with salt chlorine machine as disinfection system,just need to add certain percentage of salt or sea salt into the pool,then the salt chlorine machine will electrolysis the salt to be chloride ions to disinfect the water of pool.And it no need to change the water of pool for whole year which is 100% keep away with chemicals, and without any side effect to human.


5. Intelligent control:You can set the switch of machine time,to ensure the filter effect,then to extend the using life of motor.


6. Beautiful and practical:Beautiful,reliable and safety.The material of shell is high quality LLDPE one-time injection molded.And it is more environmentally,friendly and durable than acrylic and fiberglass,and can load more than 300kg.




Besides, many customer may care about the integrative pool filter price. Now,let's follow the editor to understand the difference components of the different integrative pool filter price.


1. Integrative pool filter price depend on the model of pepeless pool filter,we have several model for integrative pool filter to demand different size of the pool.If the size of your pool is large,we will choose big water flow filter model.If the size of your pool is small,we will choose small water flow filter model.And the price of different model is different.


2. Integrative pool filter price depend on depends on the configuration of the pool accessory . Our integrative pool filter ancillary equipment includes:underwater light,salt chlorinator,chemical feeder,swim jet,and stainlee steel ladder.The different options of the water flow and brand of these swimming pool operating ancillary equipment are also important factors that constitute the different prices of integrative pool filter.




In addition, Our Degaulle integrative pipeless swimming pool filter with high filtration precision, up to 5-15pμm, is the first choice for many swimming pool water circulation equipment. It is the best choice used in small and medium-sized swimming pools, such as hotel swimming pools, club swimming pools, private villa swimming pools and real estate garden swimming pools. Our Degaulle have 24 years experience of focus on overall swimming pool system solutions, building a well-known brand of overall swimming pools, providing you with one-stop swimming pool design, filtration, disinfection, sewage suction system solutions, serving more than 150,000 swimming pool projects worldwide. If you have any interest or want more details about our pool equipment ,feel free to contact with us.

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