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Pros and Cons of Different Pool Filters


The pool filters are essential for your pool. Degaulle pool filters are as important to your pool as your brain are to your own body.Without it, your pool water would grow cloudy and fill with debris. Not exactly fun for swimming.

How to choose the right pool filter ?

Overall, one must assess many factors when choosing the right filter for them, including pool types, the usage rate of their pool, their initial start-up budget, knowledge of maintaining . Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each filter will allow you to choose a filter that best suits the needs of you and your pool.Not only pay attention to sand filter price or pipeless swimming pool filter price.


There are mainly two types of pool filters on the market now.They are sand filter and pipeless swimming pool filter.These two pool filters are often used in large swimming pools, small swimming pools, home swimming pools, etc.We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the following two types of pool filters for you.Not only pay attention to sand filter price or pipeless swimming pool filter price.


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Introduction of Pipeless Swimming Pool Filter

The pipeless swimming pool filter represents the latest filter technology in the swimming pool industry,Which changes the traditional sand filter system,no need the machine room,the pipes,easy to install.with convenient operation,high filter precision and low over head charge.It's the best choice for villa pools , residential pools  and public pools .From a practical point of view, the pipeless swimming pool filter price is affordable.


The pipeless swimming pool filter contain all the necessary components,including pump, pipes, filter, pool lights, disinfection system , etc.  It has a simple working process .The water is drawn in by the skimmer, filtered by the filter and reintroduced into the pool via the discharge nozzle(s). Because it comes with these devices, the pipeless swimming pool filter price is a bit higher than that of the sand filter in terms of product prices. Its filtering effect is very significant. No longer any need for extensive and lengthy work to lay pipes and to create a machine room. No underground pipes and less risk of leakage! If the construction cost of your swimming pool is limited and there is no professional operator, the pipeless pool filter is the most suitable for you. Because it has a low pipeless swimming pool filter price, low maintenance cost and high filtering effect.


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Sand Pool Filter

Sand filters work by pushing the water through a large body of sand located within the filter. Sand filters are cleaned by a process known as “backwashing”, where the water flow is reversed by turning a multiport valve, and the dirt/waste particles are pushed to the top of the sand and then flushed out through a waste pipe. Quartz sand, the most common media used in sand filters, can filter particles down to 20 microns. Its pros is  Oldest and most common type of pool filter . Out of all three filter types, a sand filter is the least expensive pool filter to purchase for your swimming pool. Its cons is that replacing the sand can be a very challenging physically, and may require the assistance of a hired professional with special equipment.


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When you need a pool filter for your pools , please contact us .We will offer you professional suggestion .

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