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The high temperature continues in summer, and everyone wants to go to the swimming pool to cool off. For many swimmers, the most worrying issue is the water quality of the swimming pool, which is also an issue worth considering for swimming pool practitioners. For swimming pools, the swimming pool water filter in circulation system is essential. Then someone will want to know how much is a set of swimming pool water circulation system?


Now,Let’s follow the editor to analysis the the traditional swimming pool filtering system sand filter price:

1.Sand filter price depends on the material:

The material of the sand filter on the market mainly include fiberglass and stainless steel, different material and the price is different.

2.Sand filter price depends on the diameter of sand tank:

The larger the diameter of the sand tank, the larger the filtration area, and the larger the water flow that can be purified.


After analysing the difference of the sand filter price,now follow me to realize one of the best swimming pool water sand filter manufacturers------Deagualle.

1.Degaulle,as the one of best swimming pool water sand filter manufacturers,the material of our sand filter is fiberglass . This material is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not easy to be deformed, and has the function of preventing ultraviolet rays.

2.Degaulle,as the one of best swimming pool water sand filter manufacturers,the outlet turbidity our sand filter is<2FTU,it can effectively remove impurities and keep the swimming pool clean

3.Degaulle,as the one of best swimming pool water sand filter manufacturers,our sand filter compared with products of the same type, the sand filter price has more excellent cost performance and heavier weight.

4.Degaulle,as the one of best swimming pool water sand filter manufacturers,our sand filter with water pump as a filtration combo,it’s the most recommendable equipment for the swimming pool and fish pond.Easy to install and the maintain free.

5.Degaulle,as the one of best swimming pool water sand filter manufacturers,our sand filter use the ergonomically designed six position multiport valve with pressure gauge which we can check for the working situation and it is easy to operate to dirt discharged in the sewage pipe or drain the dirt accumulated in the filter.


Due to the characteristics of our degaulle sand filter. If you need swimming pool filtering system, purification and filtration of water parks,aquarium engineering, aquarium engineering,Industrial water purification, landscape water treatment ,please contact us. Degaulle Pool a factory specializing in the production of swimming pool equipment and a company that provides professional advice on swimming pool construction.

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