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The Set-ups of Jet Swimming Pools


Compared with traditional concrete swimming pool, Degaulle jet swimming pools have a widely used and the installation is more flexible,on the above of ground,semi-above ground and under the ground. If you want to save the cost,you can keep your swim pool (swim spa) above ground on a simple concrete pad,What’s that you said ? Above ground jet swimming pools can’t look good ?


Let’s show you that choosing the right color skit,using the perfect stairs and using space and plantings can turn your jet swimming pools into a backyard oasis that can be used all year round.


The color of the pool skirt and the color of the soil are close to the whole and more coordinated. Directly placed in your own small courtyard, you can create an underground landscape for less than the cost of embedding the pool underground. Swimming in the shade of green is as if you are in the middle of the river.


This jet swimming pool customers have tucked their swimming pools against a wall and the stairs.The scale of the house and the height of the skit and stairs makes the walls of the jet swimming pools seem shorter,and means many of views of it will be from above.


Instead of trying to hide their jet swimming pools,these owners put the focus on its Vertical walls of the villa.There is an empty leisure activity swimming pool in front of the villa, where you can enjoy swimming, massage, watching TV, and have a good time


kit of this jet swimming pools blends nicely with the grey color floor stone and stairs,and the camouflage pool cover matched well with the yard grass and tree.The whole environment is a fusion of light gray and green,visually gives people a feeling of decompression.


At last,we have semi-ground and under ground installation method also,choose which one method according to your budget and the jet swimming pools installation environment.Please contact with us for the one-to-one plan.

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