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Stainless Steel Basket Strainers 1
Stainless Steel Basket Strainers 1

Stainless Steel Basket Strainers


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    Structural Features:

    1. Suction Strainer is welded with stainless steel and its  inner wall is coated with anti-corrosion material.  304 stainless steel material can be selected.
    2. A double-layer orifice plate is used in the collection room of the Basket Strainer to block debris of different sizes.
    3. There is a sewage outlet at the bottom of the hair and lint Strainers, which is easy to clean.


    Degaulle Stainless Steel Basket Strainer Working Principle:

    There is a pool pump strainer basket inside the Basket Strainer. When the raw water is filtered through the internal strainer basket, the debris is blocked in the basket, and the clean water flows out. There is a sewage outlet at the bottom of the container, which can remove debris, hair, fibers and other debris, and the strainer basket can be removed from the inside for cleaning.



    The function of the Basket Strainer With Stainless Steel Basket is to collect the hair and fibrous substances in the water, remove the larger floating objects in the water, prevent the hair from entering the pump and the filler, affect the normal operation of the pump, block the pores of the filler, and exclude the possibility of subsequent processing equipment adverse effects.

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