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MIG-25 Wave Maker Machine For Home Swimming Pool


People pay more and more attention to physical and mental health nowadays,and swimming has become an indispensable sport for people.According to the experience of on-site installation and use of the project and feedback from the market and customers,we have update our product,that is wave maker machine for home swimming pool,and it’s the best partner for private villa. Why we need this MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool ? And what is the principle of it ?


The water in the pool is sucked into the machine to do work and then pushed out to form a directional flow of water, and the swimmer can keep swimming forward by the water flow in the narrow swimming pool space, thus realizing the limited space of the small swimming pool. The feeling of swimming in the big pool.Compared to the traditional swimming jet,it’s more stable and powerful when we swimming,and it will not come out bubbles like swimming jet.This Wave maker machine for home swimming pool is a new-generation swimming machine developed by our company in 2022,which is infinitely variable speed that can meet any needs of swimmer.


Now, follow the editor to find out how good this product !

1. More affordable:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool is a perfect alternative to achieve endless swimming pool,the core part of endless pool and create a more realistic and safer river flow with the bigger outlet jet.But the cost is much more less than the endless swimming pool,and we can get the same experience for swimming.



2. Smooth & powerful water flow:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool,the swimmers can choose different swimming stalls according to their swimming level,the honeycomb panel water outlet width is 430mm and height is 340mm,bigger water outlet is designed with a deflector and a smooth flow of water,water evenly without choking.And MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool have 2KW*2 dual motor,it’s more powerful.


3. Infinitely variable speed:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool can achieve infinitely variable speed,and 36 speed level can adjust the flow rate which can meet any needs of swimmer,no matter you are beginning swimmer or professional swimmer.The max speed can reached 98meter per min and the middle speed around 60meter per min.Swimmers can choose the swimming training speed that suits them more precisely.


4. Simple operation:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool is with intelligent controller and watch to control the machine,we will test it and set the language into English before shipment,and it’s very simple.


5. Easy to install:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool is wall hung model,quite easy to install with which just need to hold it on the pool wall,only 2sets of screws,no need to discharge the pool water.Zero engineering installation,no need to change the surrounding environment of the swimming pool.It is the best effect to ensure that the water outlet is flush with the water surface


6. More safety:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool use 24V safe voltage,provide safety to consumers.


Now let’s discuss MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool production issue.

1. The pool requirement :The pool depth need to be or more than 1.2m,and no limited for the pool main structure,such as concrete pool,galvanized steel/stainless steel pool,fiberglass/acrylic pool,etc.


2. Apply to:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool is suitable for small swimming pools,professional swimmer training,renovation of old and new swimming pools,rehabilitation and medical treatment,education and teaching and other places.


3. Voltage and production delivery time:When you want to purchase,need to pay attention for the voltage.Under normal circumstances,we will have a small surplus in stock,and if need to purchase bulk order,it can be delivery around 15-30days,and other brand in the same series need around 3-4month,we will not let you know so long time and you can enjoy it early if you buy it.



4. Package:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool will package into fumigation-free export wooden box,and watch will package within the distribution box.The installation instruction manual will come with the equipment,and we can send it online also if needed.The package size is 115cm*126cm*56cm and weight is 90KG,the volume is small,less than 1cbm,easy to transport,can be multi-packed in one pool,multiple people can swim infinitely at the same time.


5. After service:MIG-25 Wave maker machine for home swimming pool will have 12month warranty and online service is available for 24hours.


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