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Dubai show room swimming pool with swimming trainer machine


Dubai show room swimming pool with swimming trainer machine

The client is a well-known real estate developer in Dubai,and they install a fiberglass pool in the show room,size 6m*2.3m*1.5m,the swimming pool adopts Degaulle brand swimming trainer machine MIG-25 to achieve the Endless swimming pool,cannot swim to the end,like swimming in the sea.At the first time he bought 4set for the samples,and show to client in the different sample room,and hope could be our exclusive agent when he get the market after client using.


What is that machine and how it does work ?

If you don’t heard or know this swimming trainer machine before,so today i will introduce it in detail.It has different name,counter current machine,or swimming trainer machine,swimming machine for training,Endless pool machine,machine for jet train swimming pool,etc.

This machine for jet train swimming pool works like the treadmill.The water in the pool is sucked into the machine to do work and then pushed out to form a directional flow of water, and swimmers can keep swimming forward by the water flow in the narrow pool space, thus realizing the limited space of the small pool. The feeling of swimming in the big pool.

You may ask why they choose this MIG-25 swimming machine for training ?

1.Wide range of uses:This MIG-25 swimming trainer machine is wall hung model,not only can use for the pool under the construction but also can use the pool existing,even for the old pool renovation.Moreover,this model swimming machine for training can use for various types of swimming pools,such as concrete pool,galvanized steel pool,fiberglass pool,etc.

2.Easy installation:Installed on the pool surface, just fix the equipment hook with 2 screws, 2 workers can complete the installation in 20 minutes, zero engineering installation, almost no need to change the surrounding environment of the swimming pool.

Suitable for different users:This MIG-25 swimming trainer machine have 1~36 speed level,whether you are a beginner swimmer or a professional swimmer,this swimming machine for training can meet your needs for swimming.The water flow is more smoother and stronger,compared to the traditional jet train swimming pool as the few bubble and double motor.

3.More safety: This model MIG-25 swimming trainer machine  come with transformer with 24V DC voltage when you swimming.And we did the voltage test by very small fish,when the 24V current passes through to the fish tank,they all are safe only swimming speed little down.And the equipment shell is formed by opening the mold,there is no splicing gap and water cannot come inside will be more safe.

4.More convenient:The MIG-25 swimming trainer machine can controlled by the control panel or intelligent watch.

Now you must want to know such a good equipment,what are the requirements for the jet train swimming pool ?

Actually if your pool depth more than 1.2m then can install this swimming machine for training.From the bottom of swimming pool to the water surface is 1.05m and we need to leave 10cm for install the screw,so just the pool depth over 1.2m,this swimming machine for training  can be used in the most swimming pools to jet train swimming pool, no matter the concrete pool,assembly pool or the finished pool.There are virtually no limits to which pools this device can fit,and if you’re really not sure if it’s suitable for your pools,please take the videos or the photos to show us the pool and surroundings,we could analyze for you,and supply the installation manual and design drawing before the device arrived at your side.And you will have 12months for the warranty for all equipment,24hours service line is available for the after selling.

There are not many similar products in the market,the famous brand is ENDLESS POOL from USA,and we are Degaulle brand swimming pool equipment manufacture in China,this model MIG-25 machine for jet train swimming pool,independent design and development,technology patents have been applied for.We are the strength factory that since 1998 year,have more than 24years experience for the swimming pool equipment,more than 30 swimming pool patents.

Our main products are swimming trainer machine (swimming machine for training ),endless swimming pool,integrative filter for the swimming pool and air source heat pump.Our products are exported to more than 50 countries abroad,Southeast Asia,Korean,Dubai,Australia,New Zealand,USA,Russia,Mexico,etc.And now we are looking for global agents,especially for this model machine,the delivery time is shorter than Endless pool of USA,and the price will be cheaper than them.

No matter you are the pool equipment dealers,or you are real estate developers,or you are the villa owners,or swimming pool project contractor,could have the chance to get the best price,we could supply the 12month warranty and online service with 24hours,if you have any interest about our Degaulle swimming pool equipment,please feel free to contact with us.There must have a solution for you,For the products details you can search from our website,email or directly calling us.Welcome to contact with us for the good business.


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