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Swimming pool wave machine / counter current machine for your endless pools


Degaulle swim pool company is one of china swimming pool companies and have many experiences about building all kinds of pools and providing full set equipment for customers’ pools . Now we recommend our hot sale model endless pool counter current machine or as known as ‘ swimming pool wave machine ‘ enable you to make more of your pool than ever before. Easy to install, these devices make it possible to have unlimited fun and swim for as long as you like in small pools. There are no more excuses for not exercising in the comfort of your home. 

Degaulle Counter Current Unit / Swimming Pool Wave Machine

Degaulle counter current unit /swimming pool wave machine is a product that can bring innovative swimming experience, it solves the problem that swimmer needs to turn round and round again in the small and medium-sized swimming pool. It makes small and medium pool no longer just a landscaped pool, but a really private swimming pool. 


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pool counter current unit

Endless pool counter current unit (swimming pool wave machine) equips with adjustable powerful laminar flow propeller and control system, allows the still water flow with directional layer. When the swimmer swims backwards to the laminar flow, he feels swimming in a flowing river and does not need to worry about the limitation of pool space, but swimmer can truly experience the unlimited travel joy and enjoy the function of fitness. 


swimming pool wave machine


swimming pool wave machine equipment


Endless pool counter current unit (swimming pool wave machine) integrates a full range of swimming pool circulation, filtration, disinfection system. No need to build the equipment room. No need complicated manual operation and professional management. It significantly saves the cost of the operation and maintenance of the pool.


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Endless pool counter current unit (swimming pool wave machine) has a variety of specification and models, which is suitable to various shapes and sizes of newly-built villa pool, the community swimming pool and the old pool rebuilding, swimming pool and swimming club functions transformation. Except for the standard configuration, system equipment of endless pool unit can be custom-built according to the users requirements.




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Features of Endless pool counter current unit (swimming pool wave machine):

·Let small and medium pool no longer just as a landscaped pool, but a really swimming pool.

·It integrates a set of swimming pool water treatment unit.No need to build motor room.

·Adopt quartz sand filter with high quality to ensure the pool water clean.

·Automatic control, without complicated manual operation,without professional management.

·Suitable to new medium and small swimming pool ;the old pool rebuilding, system equipment can be custom-built according to different needs.

The contrast of ordinary small and medium-sized swimming pool installed Endless pool counter current unit (swimming pool wave machine)


With endless pool unit

Without endless pool unit

The requirement for equipment room


Need small equipment room or an integrated filtration equipment

Swimming distance


Typically 5-10m

Swimming function

High water flow,swim joyously at unlimited distance

Swim in limited short-distance

Fitness function

Water flow is adjustable,counter-current swimming has good fitness function

The fitness function is not so good in still water flow

For user

According to the client’s need to adjust the speed of the water effectively improve the swimmer’s technique,suitable for beginners,swimming enthusiasts,fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes

For beginners and children’s padding


Little maintenance,easy to operate. Most of the functions can be done automatically by control panel

Need workers to maintain

Endless pool counter current unit (swimming pool wave machine) makes your mini pool boundless big

Endless pool counter current unit (swimming pool wave machine ) is very small and exquisite , users only embed it into the end of the pool or wall hung the pool and get to seamless connection with pool . Not only it keeps the balance of small to medium sized swimming pool project quantity and space constraints , but also makes mini pool boundless long . It meets users; demand of physical training , fitness , relaxation by swimming in the endless pool .

Endless pool counter current unit (swimming pool wave machine ) with laminar flow propeller gained patented technology, it make the pool water directional laminar flow and produce the stable flow with variable speed . The water speed of endless pool is the swimmer’s speed . The water speed can be adjusted from 2 to 210 meter per minute ( the Olympic Games freestyle holder is 103.3 meter per minute . Normally , the people can reach 75-78 meter per minute ) , it means the swimmer can finish 1.5kilometer’s straight-line distance in 15-20 minutes .

Water outlet of the counter current unit uses the professional design and its particular leaf design makes the water speed more suitable for swimming . The smooth water without wave avoid accidentally swallowing the water while swimming .

Endless pool counter current equipment makes your pool own more professional water treatment system

Endless pool counter current unit integrates the circulation system , sterilization , counter current system and so on ,and which makes the operation and maintenance intel-ligentize and simplify . You do not need to worry about it for no professional maintainer .

Degaulle Swimming pool equipment company : Welcome to ask for more details and will recommend suitable counter current system for your pool . Two different styles fit on almost any pool .  Free form or rectangular ; Concrete , Vinyl Or Fibreglass ; new construction or retro-fit .

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