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With the arrival of summer, more and more people are swimming. The swimming pool circulating pool filter system is an indispensable equipment for swimming pools. Its function is to stainless steel pool filter impurities in the water, purify the pool water, and keep the pool water fresh, thereby prolonging the use time of the pool water and reducing the replacement time. Water frequency, reducing swimming pool management and maintenance costs.


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Pros and cons of different pool filtration system when building a new pool or replacing existing equipment, choosing a new pool filter may seem like a daunting task at first with so many options on the market. Each of the types of pool filters has their own benefits and drawbacks. With an impressive growth record in this highly competitive industry, we are offering a qualitative assortment of swimming pool pipe less filter. It is  very different from traditional stainless steel pool filter system, this is the most recent filter technology in the swimming pool industry. Easy to install,  it does not require engine room and pipeline. Moreover, offered swimming pool filter system provide convenient operation with lower overhead charge and higher filter precision.


Incorporated in the year 1998, Degaulle pool are one of the reputed company in the market. We have started our business activities in world. We are instrumental manufacturer, Supplier and trader of this domain, engaged in providing a wide range of swimming pool filter system. Swimming pool accessories and many more. Degaulle pool engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting an excellent grade pool filtration system . This filter is the unique and most effective solution for cleaning the swimming pools. It requires no pipe or plant for cleaning the swimming pool or spa pool. Once the filer cleans the water, there is illuminated indicator LED provided with the pool filtration system. Offered filter is controlled using electric system, which is completely automatic. Apart from this, the offered filter is known as the high efficiency disinfection system in the market places.


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Swimming pool filter system is a wall mounted structure which consistently removes certain kinds of impurities from water. It is known to have a compact structural configuration which is easy to install & maintain and has a long service life. This filter is made of high quality acrylic polymer for showing good impact & structural strength. It has high dirt holding ability and assures hassle-free cleaning.  Injection molded body wall mounable unit high efficiency disinfection dystem easy installation & maintenance saves water as no backwash required. wall mount and wall hanging pipeless filter. It can be easily mounted on any existing pool. Its elegant design makes the installation easier and safe to the pool body. The unit is deck mounted and can be integrated into the structure.pool filtration system provides all in one solution, which can be installed directly on pool. It provides superior & hygienic quality with very less energy usage. This system requires no extra pump room or special cabinet, no balancing tank, no pool professional staff and no maintenance. 


It has inbuilt three step ladder, 12v/100w light, integrated inlet skimmer and outlet nozzles along with circulation pump water filter, floor cleaner and optional water heater. It saves the cost of plumbing, over flow channel, filter room. This machine uses 1 hp electrical motor for the pool of 90 cum, saves 100% treated swimming pool water and consume 70% less chlorine. Advantages of stainless steel pool filter are made up of fiber glass which is very strong and repairable, traditional stainless steel pool filter work by pushing the water through a large body of sand located within the filter. Sand filters are cleaned by a process known as “backwashing”, where the water flow is reversed by turning a multiport valve, and the dirt/waste particles are pushed to the top of the sand and then flushed out through a waste pipe. Silica sand, the most common media used in stainless steel pool filter, can filter particles down to 20 microns.


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Recycled glass media can be used in lieu of sand, which increases pool filter system ability from 20 microns to 3 microns. While the sand filter may be the easiest to maintain, they have definite drawbacks. Replacing the sand can be a very challenging physically, and may require the assistance of a hired professional with special equipment overall, one must assess many factors when choosing the right pool filtration system for them, including their current equipment setup, the usage rate of their pool, their initial start-up budget, knowledge of disassembling their equipment, and their time commitment to maintaining their pool. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each filter will allow you to choose a filter that best suits the needs of you and your pool. Feel free to contact us for more information on this and a variety of other pool related topics!

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