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Far Infrared Sauna Room Manufacturer 1
Far Infrared Sauna Room Manufacturer 1

Far Infrared Sauna Room Manufacturer

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Product Overview

The far infrared sauna room is designed by highly qualified designers and certified by ISO quality standards.

Far Infrared Sauna Room Manufacturer 2
Far Infrared Sauna Room Manufacturer 3

Product Features

The AF-9025 Sauna Room has a wall panel, double-layer casual thickened seat, straight back, external control furnace heating, touch panel, LED lights, and tempered glass, with optional configuration parameters.

Product Value

The sauna room offers warm color lighting, exquisite workmanship, uniform light, high temperature resistance, low energy consumption, and a comfortable physiotherapy atmosphere.

Far Infrared Sauna Room Manufacturer 4
Far Infrared Sauna Room Manufacturer 5

Product Advantages

The technology of far infrared sauna room production is advanced, with multi mature production lines and a high annual production capability, making the products excellent in quality and cost-effective.

Application Scenarios

The sauna room is suitable for creating a comfortable environment for physiotherapy and relaxation.

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