FX18 Undeground Pipeless Pool Filter

Degaulle In-ground Pool Filter FX18 is equipped with sand filer, water pump, control box, ozone generator all in one, can install it under the ground which can save more space of building a machine room, and it can be used to villa swimming pools, family pool, community swimming pools, hotel swimming pool and etc.

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FX18 Undeground Pipeless Pool Filter 05

Advantages of Pool Filter FX18
1. With complete filtration, circulation and  disinfection system: circulating water pump, filter, multi-directional valve, ozone, time controller and contactor and other automatic control equipment.
2. The shell is made of imported glass fiber. This kind of shell is strong, corrosion-resistant, excellent weather resistance and low temperature resistance (-40 ℃ -75 ℃), very suitable for outdoor.
3. The floor drain and pump basement are provided in the box: due to the design of the pump basement ,which drains in time and above the ground, the pump is prevented from being flooded.
4. Double-segment top cover design: can be fully open (easy to install and maintain) or half open (easy to run and operate).
5. Tray design box bottom: easy to transport.



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