Malaysia Villa Lap Pool Project


Project Details

Solution: Malaysia Villa Lap Pool Project

The Pool size : 2.5x12x1.25m³
The Malaysia Villa Lap Pool is a 37.5m³ concrete residential swimming pool equipped with a Degaulle S350 Pipeless Pool Filter and an HJ2042L  Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner. It is one of the one-stop solution projects. In this project, the swimming pool equipped with these two machines is enough to solve all the problems.
Degaulle S350 Pipeless Pool Filter has the pool water circulation filtration system and the disinfection system inside can solve most of the problems of the pool in one kit. It is a wall mount pool filter especially suit to the existing pool and the concrete pool. In addition, the S350 Pipeless Pool Filter is not only can suit to the small swimming pool perfectly, but it also can be applied to the big swimming pool. A pool can determine how many machines are needed based on volume and filtration time, the water circulation speed of the pipeless pool filter is 35m³/h. 


S350 Pipeless Pool Filter

HJ2042L Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner


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