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Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Instrument 1
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Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Instrument 1
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Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Instrument

Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Instrument is the most stable monitor in the current market. And artificial dose is not stable, Chlorine / Bromine deficiency, bacteria and algae easy to breed. Use the automatic monitoring instrument, power consumption less than 1℃ every day, without manual, automatic control the water quality, is the ideal matching products for business or family pool.


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    Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Instrument 02

    1. Control: Intelligent control the flocculant, PH+, PH-, ORP dosing pump
    2. Intelligent management: Can prompt device installation, wrong operating and solve solution intelligently.
    3. Water manager: Can choose automatic or manual control mode, achieve water manager humanized. Permission operation: Level 5 Password Privilege Control, avoid to non-professional staff who operated improperly, and ensure the security of all equipment.
    4. Limitless monitoring: built-in 100M network, connect wireless routing, no networking, mobile phone / PAD can avatar water quality monitoring instrument
    5. Network monitoring: Support the whole network, connect server, can terminal remote monitoring of various regional swimming pool equipment and water quality situation.
    6. Sensor correction: With standard PH4.0/7.0/10.0 and ORP 220V/600V/1200V as a benchmark, correct the error of PH and ORP sensor.
    7. Temperature display: Temperature sensor connect special temperature mode of swimming pool, shows the current temperature of the pool on the touch screen home page.


    Traditional manual timing detection cannot detect water quality changes in swimming places in real time. Water quality detection has certain time and space limitations and has the following drawbacks: low detection efficiency, and low supervision after the detection results.

    In order to achieve management efficiency, use the least manpower and the shortest time to grasp the real-time water quality status of the swimming pool, which can effectively supervise and manage the water quality of the swimming pool, and ensure the safety of the swimming pool water quality. Water quality monitors are widely used in various swimming pools.

    The quality of swimming pool water is mainly to detect water temperature, turbidity, free residual chlorine, PH value, urea, total bacteria, and E. coli. The following indicators must be detected and controlled.

    1. Water temperature: The swimming pool water temperature is low or high, which will make people feel uncomfortable. It is necessary to maintain a stable water temperature, generally between 22-26 degrees Celsius.

    2. PH value: it affects the comfort of swimmers and the clarity of water. According to relevant data, the PH value is between 6.5 and 8.5, and the human body feels more comfortable. If the PH value is too high or too low, it will irritate the skin.

    3. Residual chlorine: The standard content of residual chlorine is an indicator that reflects the remaining disinfectant in the pool water after disinfection with chlorine-containing disinfectants.

    4. Turbidity: The turbidity index of swimming pool water quality is not more than 5 degrees, the clearer the water quality, the lower the turbidity.


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