Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Instrument

Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Instrument is the most stable monitor in the current market. And artificial dose is not stable, Chlorine / Bromine deficiency, bacteria and algae easy to breed. Use the automatic monitoring instrument, power consumption less than 1℃ every day, without manual, automatic control the water quality, is the ideal matching products for business or family pool.

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Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Instrument 02

1. Control: Intelligent control the flocculant, PH+, PH-, ORP dosing pump
2. Intelligent management: Can prompt device installation, wrong operating and solve solution intelligently.
3. Water manager: Can choose automatic or manual control mode, achieve water manager humanized. Permission operation: Level 5 Password Privilege Control, avoid to non-professional staff who operated improperly, and ensure the security of all equipment.
4. Limitless monitoring: built-in 100M network, connect wireless routing, no networking, mobile phone / PAD can avatar water quality monitoring instrument
5. Network monitoring: Support the whole network, connect server, can terminal remote monitoring of various regional swimming pool equipment and water quality situation.
6. Sensor correction: With standard PH4.0/7.0/10.0 and ORP 220V/600V/1200V as a benchmark, correct the error of PH and ORP sensor.
7. Temperature display: Temperature sensor connect special temperature mode of swimming pool, shows the current temperature of the pool on the touch screen home page.

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