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HLB Series Pool Water Pump 1
HLB Series Pool Water Pump 1

HLB Series Pool Water Pump


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    HLB Series Water Pump


    The pump body, flange, and impeller are made of special materials that are resistant to high and low temperatures and are durable.

    The pump has good performance and high circulation efficiency.

    The 1.5-inch water inlet and outlet are equipped with current overload protectors to ensure continuous operation.

    The mechanical seal performance is good.

    The transparent cover is designed for easy maintenance.

    IP54 protection level. 



    Degaulle Pool HLB Series Water Pump is suitable for water circulation in filtration systems such as medium-sized swimming pools, hydromassage baths, spas, and family swimming pools. It can also be used for water circulation and filtration in circulation systems such as water treatment facilities and decorative pools.


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