Swimming Pool Filters

The swimming pool filtration system is an indispensable system in the swimming pool. And there are many types of swimming pool filtration system such as traditional and wall-mounted water treatment machine.
The traditional filtration unit sand water filter is filtered by quartz sand, generally adopting the filtration speed of 30-45M/H. The quartz sand in the sand tank is usually replaced once every six months or one year, and requires professional personnel to operate.
The wall-mounted pipeless swimming pool filter is filtered by DuPont filter bag. Compared with the traditional sand water filter, the integrative pool filter is easy to install and can be directly wall-hanging on the pool wall which without occupying the machine room. Also the pipeless pool filter is equipped with an intelligent controller and no need professional staff to operate.

How to select a sand filter for your pool?

The sand filter is a filtration system for swimming pool to keep the water clean and no impurity.

The pool water passes through the filter, and tiny dirt is collected by the sand bed. The filtered water is returned to the pool from the bottom of the filter through the control switch and then from the pipeline. This complete program is continuous and automatic and provides a complete cycle for filters and piping systems. The sand filter is widely used in swimming pools, fitness clubs, private swimming pools, etc, it can perfectly meet the demand for any size of the pool and long service life. It is known for being the least expensive as well as being easy to maintain. Our company, Guangzhou Denor Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd, was specialized in manufacturing pool equipment for more than 21 years, we are one of the most professional swimming pool sand filter suppliers in China. Let us introduce you the differences between several sand filters in detail and how to select a sand filter for your pool.

The housing of the sand filter
There are 2 kinds of the sand filter housing, fiberglass, and stainless steel. Fiberglass is a plastic impregnated with small glass fibers for reinforcement, with the feature of lightweight, preservative, wear-resistant and nondeformable. It is an ideal material for the most sand filters. The stainless steel also works the same, furthermore, it is a harder material. The difference between them is that the pressure, fiberglass sand filter is 0.6 Mpa, Stainless steel filter is above 1 Mpa. The fiberglass one can meet the needs of most swimming pools and if you need a high specification one, stainless steel fiber is a better choice.

The Mount of the filter
There are Top-mount Sand filter and Side-mount sand fiber. The top-mount sand filter is cheaper than the side mount and takes less space. Side-mounted sand filters make it easier to change the sand, no need to move the internal pipes, just open the top cover to replace the sand, but take up more space. If space is limited, a top-mount in-ground sand filter is a better choice.

How to select your pool sand filter?
1. Find the maximum water volume of the pool.
2. Establish your pool's turnover rate and the flow rate (the filtering speed) that you want.
3.Calculate the volume and choose the sand filter that your swimming pool needs
(Filtering Volume/Per Hour = Volume / Turnover hours / Flow Rate)
There are many sizes of sand filters to choose according to the filtering volume.
If you have any questions, please contact us freely. We are the most professional swimming pool sand filter suppliers.

About the maintenance
The sand filter needs backwash of about 3-4 times per month and sand replacement every 3 years. It can be adjustable according to the Water quality status. About the operation of backwash, firstly, you need to unplug the filter system, and move the valve to the backwash position and start-up for about 15-20 minutes, let the dirty backwash water out. Then unplug again and move it to the rinse position for 1-2 minutes which can reseat the sand again and finally move it to the filter position. Always remember to unplug the pump when changing the filter positions, it is important to protect the machine and operator.

When you choose a high-quality sand filter suitable for your pool, it can serve your pool for many years. We are the professional swimming pool sand filter suppliers in China, ready for providing you the best swimming pool equipment and service. We are devoting to creating top brands of the overall swimming pool and private pool customization globally. 


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