Sauna Room

With the increasing pressure on modern people's lives and work, the sauna room releases the pressure of the human body by sweating,and the sauna room becomes more and more popular nowadays. As the needs of modern people diversify, the types of saunas are becoming more and more abundant.
As sauna manufacturers and swimming pool supplies , we mainly produce three types of saunas: traditional sauna room, infrared sauna room, and steam room, which are widely used in hotels, clubs, villas, hospitals, and schools.
Nowadays, sauna room and whole swim pool are best match .After swimming , the sauna can relieve muscle fatigue after exercise .
The traditional sauna room mainly raises the temperature of the body by heating the sauna stone to achieve the effect of physical therapy.
The infrared sauna room is mainly heated by carbon crystal heating plates, which makes the temperature inside the house rise, so it is safer.
The steaming room mainly emits steam from the steam engine, so that the temperature in the house body rises, thereby achieving the effect of physical therapy.
The wood in the sauna is divided into Finnish spruce, hemlock, and Canadian cedar. As a sauna manufactures and swimming pool supplies,the wood we used is selected from the top sauna woods in different countries. These woods are mainly from Myanmar, Canada, Finland, Yunnan, China and other countries and places.

The high quality wood and different sauna rooms make our sauna room to be recognized by our customers.

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